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Changing the world
one mind at a time
I kind of borrowed this 
12th-Sep-2002 01:41 am
And I'm rather hoping it's not a bad thing to use it here.
Something I've actually been meaning to post for a while for a lot of things. But today it seems appropriate.

Borrowed from JewFAQ

Yeetgadal v' yeetkadash sh'mey rabbah (Cong. Amein).
May His great Name grow exalted and sanctified (Cong. Amen.)

B'almah dee v'rah kheer'utey
in the world that He created as He willed.

v' yamleekh malkhutei,b'chahyeykhohn, uv' yohmeykhohn,
May He give reign to His kingship in your lifetimes and in your days,

uv'chahyei d'chohl beyt yisrael,
and in the lifetimes of the entire Family of Israel,

ba'agalah u'veez'man kareev, v'eemru: Amein.
swiftly and soon. Now respond: Amen.

(Cong: Amein. Y'hey sh'met rabbah m'varach l'alam u'l'almey almahyah)
(Cong Amen. May His great Name be blessed forever and ever.)

Y'hey sh'met rabbah m'varach l'alam u'l'almey almahyah.
May His great Name be blessed forever and ever.

Yeet'barakh, v' yeesh'tabach, v' yeetpa'ar, v' yeetrohmam, v' yeet'nasei,
Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled,

v' yeet'hadar, v' yeet'aleh, v' yeet'halal sh'mey d'kudshah b'reekh hoo
mighty, upraised, and lauded be the Name of the Holy One, Blessed is He

(Cong. b'reekh hoo).
(Cong. Blessed is He)

L'eylah meen kohl beerkhatah v'sheeratah,
beyond any blessing and song,

toosh'b'chatah v'nechematah, da'ameeran b'al'mah, v'eemru: Amein
praise and consolation that are uttered in the world. Now respond: Amen.

(Cong. Amein).
(Cong. Amen).

Y'hei shlamah rabbah meen sh'mahyah,v'chahyeem
May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and life

aleynu v'al kohl yisrael, v'eemru: Amein
upon us and upon all Israel. Now respond: Amen.

(Cong. Amein).
(Cong. Amen).

Oseh shalom beem'roh'mahv, hoo ya'aseh shalom,
He Who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace,

aleynu v'al kohl yisrael v'eemru: Amein
upon us and upon all Israel. Now respond: Amen.

(Cong. Amein).
(Cong. Amen).

I'm hoping that's the right one.
Well, today is the beginning of the second year of this journal. I was thinking of posting a greatest hits, but those always seem to be shameless.
So instead, what has changed in the past year for me?

I have dated one man steadily, even if it did end on a sour note.

I have made new friends and become accustomed to Columbus.

I have begun new studies into philosophy and religion, and found a new path for myself.

I have worked at the same job for a year, which I haven't managed since my 4 years as Donato's.

I have been to several weddings.

I have dealt with some of the more unpleasant aspects of my past.

I have lost weight.

It's been a good year so far.
12th-Sep-2002 09:14 am (UTC)
it's the right one... that's a weird transliteration, though. it'd never occur to me to spell stuff that way. perhaps it's just me.
12th-Sep-2002 12:06 pm (UTC) - Re:
No clue. The site I borrowed it from has a few other spellings different from the ones I'm used to seeing these days.
12th-Sep-2002 04:48 pm (UTC)
i suppose i'd just spell it 'yitgadal,' so the 'yeet' and stuff look funny. it's probably just me.
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