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Now THAT was cheesy 
9th-Oct-2002 05:04 am
Ok. Let me tell you about my day. I went in at 4. When I got in, we had one driver. No manager, no insider. Guess who got to do his job, by himself, including several party orders for an hour?
So after that fiasco, I decided I wanted to see wholesale slaughter to work off some agression. (For the record, since Saturday, I have worked 37 hours. Of course with the pay week split...) So any way, at the halfway point in my shift, I walked over to Blockbuster and rented Jason X.
Ok, As happy as I am to see Friday the 13th enter the modern era of cheesy CGIO effects, Jason's new suit (in the last 20 minutes, as usual) made him look like a Mighty Duck from the Disney animated series. Bad puns, a few riffs on the grandaddy of slasher flicks (I know, Halloween originated the genre, but it only has 7 sequels, 8 if you count Season of the Witch), but still damned amusing. It was kind of like watching Cleopatra 2525 with Jason. And as an added bonus, most of the murder death kills were actually on screen for once. A definite step up from VIII and IX. Still not quite as good as The New Blood (with the telekinetic) or the original, but a decent movie none the less. Makes me actually think Jason vs. Freddy might be worth seeing.
In the meantime, I'm still waiting for both The Ring and Ghost Ship to come out. Although I keep hoping Dark Castle will start incorperating William Castle's old gimmicks again. I would pay money to see a remake of The Tingler complete with the buzzing seats. Or House on Haunted Hill with the Emergo technique in place. (In the orginal, they flew skeletons over the audience during the climax.)
I can't wait for Studio 35's 24 hour marathon. Not only will Bruce Campbell be there, We get Evil Dead I & II!!!!!!!!
Yes, I'm a horror movie junkie. Have been ever since I first saw Fright Night.
Anyway, I'm off to bed. I have tomorrow off, and am planning on tracking down the Japanese version of The Ring
9th-Oct-2002 07:26 am (UTC) - Jason vs. Freddy
I want to see that movie solely because the director is the same guy that did Bride of Chucky and Bride with White Hair

If you haven't seen the former, you should just because it was a non-tedious sequel to Child's Play (a movie where the joke didn't get old until the sequel)

If you haven't seen the latter - SEE IT -- ok just to let you know it's not a horror movie. It's a Hong Kong movie starring Bridget Lin and that guy from Farewell My Concubine and Better Tomorrow 1 & 2 - damnit - I forgot his name. I know that they joked about him in the Thai South Park episode with the gay dog (the Thai South Park translators change all the jokes to jokes that Thai people would get) -- Leslie Cheung.

But basically it's a love story between two members of warring clans that ends tragically -- ok her hair turns white and she uses it to kill the rest of his family with - but together they kill her clan leaders (who are this brother and sister Siamese twin couple). It's got the flying people. It'sgot the weirdness. It's got the villains cackling like idiots. It's one of the coolest (silliest) Hong Kong movies I've ever seen.

And the love story kind of gets to me. Even if Leslie Cheung is the Hong Kong Barry Manilow and it's a little unbelievable (made slightly believable by Bridgett Lin being one of the most "masculine" Hong Kong actresses. She even plays a man becoming a woman in Swordsman II)
9th-Oct-2002 11:16 am (UTC) - Re: Jason vs. Freddy
I used to own Bride of Chucky on DVD...But the other oine sounds very interesting. I forsee a Blockbuster rental coming up!
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