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Changing the world
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18th-Mar-2003 07:09 pm
Would someone be so kind as to explain in comments how a pre-emptive war works? I have yet to figure out the logic here. Seems like one kid beating up another kid before the other kid can hit the first kid.

Had a really interesting conversation with Karim at work last night. I believe I've metioned him at othe points in here. See, Karim's whole thesis is that the ntire war is to protect Israeli interests rather than American Homeland security. While I disagree to some extent with that conclusion, I do think that there are more than a few people trying to get the war going for other religious reasons (aka, according to the far right Christians, war in Israel will bring about the end times.) Seems to me getting people killed just so you can validate your religion's bloodlust is a really stupid reason to go to war. What I did agree with Karim on was the concept of giving Sadam a sword and G. Dubya a sword, flying them to Vegas, and charging people $39.95 to watch the outcome. Hell, I'd watch.

I dunno...I remember reading a bit of history a while back about the Shah in Iran (ruler who predated the Ayahtollah [Can't spell, hope someone knows what the hell I'm talking about here]). The views I was reading as expresed by the author were along the lines of "The Shah was put in power by Western nations to protect Western interests, with no regard by the Shah or the Western nations for what the people of Iran wanted or needed." I have a horrid feeling that if we do go to war, and we do kill one man for whatever reason you wish to believe we are killing him for, and we do set up western democracy, sooner or later history will repeat itself. 'Tis far better to let the people themselves choose their own government than to force one on them. (I will not express any opinion on that statement in regards to anywhere else in the world). Or worse, we do another half-assed job like we did in Afganistan. (Government? What government?)

Enough venting. Still working for Big Poppa, but Spring break starts Friday! Meaning actual time to relax for the James. *sighs in contentment*

I'm getting my eyes checked at the end of the month, which will mean I can see again, hopefully:)
19th-Mar-2003 02:57 am (UTC)
read ryzard kapuzsinski's "king of kings," a slim book about the shah. fascinating.
19th-Mar-2003 11:44 am (UTC) - Re:
Cool, will go put it on reserve with the library now:)
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