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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Pesach/Easter Update Part 1 
23rd-Apr-2003 03:31 pm
Like I told gothic_oreo, I have about 3 posts just from this weekend. One of which, to be written later, is for me alone.

Ok, It started Friday with me going to Dayton to visit taocub, his husbear, and the two nutty roommates. As it happened, the boss was visiting. I got to ask her about an old friend of mine who seems to have vanished into a lightless hole (His wife, who I could spend days talking about, and none of it would be good.) So, this trip involved much gossip about my Dayton friends from that line of the friends tree, and lotsa coffee. I also happened to run into my old roommate, the evil Josh. (OK, so I was stalking him...I knew he'd be working and we went thru his Drive-Thru. I'm kind of hoping he didn't see me in the car.)

Basically, the fall-out seems to be that someone I used to care about a lot (nothing sexual, mind you), has more or less jumped off the deep end. Not that this is a surprise to anyone who lived through the drama of her fake relationship, but still, I was very sorry to hear that if anything, she's worse.

taocub and I also spent a lot of time discussing religion. I'm still processing most of that conversation, problem being that my mind is again seeking familiar models of expression in which to relate to the new model he presented.

So, Saturday, I go home to Urbana. No one bothered warning me that Lisa (the bitch sis-in law) had her entire Dad's side of the family there for Rachel's B-day. Not that I mind, after all Aunt Bonnie is a Reform Rabbi, and I could talk a bit about questions I was having without feeling stupid. However, Lisa does not get along with her step-mother, and we got to watch the backhanded compliments and daisy tipped swords of polite family sparring. Fortunatly, Rachel and Brandon seemed remarkably oblivious.

So then it was back to Mommie Dearest's place. Which meant helping dye eggs and stuff candy in baskets. (And I remarkably avoided pointing out that most of the was she was putting Easter together come str8 outta Pagan rituals. You should be proud.) Right before she went to bed, she informed me that my Evil Uncle had invited himself to dinner the next day. I was livid. I mean Paul is one of the few people i really feel like pissing on his grave when he dies. I mean, I truly loathe him.

And he didn't dissappoint. His idea of Dinner conversation was talking about "sissies". AKA, gay men are all pansies. And of Course, he and mother decided to tag team bait me to get a rise out fo me. I kept my temper until after Paul left and mom started going off on Indian Casino's. Not that I actually care, however the arguement she was using against them was full of holes. Amazing how we can argue for things we don't care about, yet keep silent on the things that matter.

I will go more indepth about specifics later this evening.
23rd-Apr-2003 12:59 pm (UTC)
uncomfortable conversations with parents. always fun.
23rd-Apr-2003 02:40 pm (UTC) - Re:
Well, yeah, look for details later
29th-Apr-2003 12:05 am (UTC)
29th-Apr-2003 01:01 am (UTC) - Re:
Well, I tried e-mailing everyone...Jenni's e-mail bounced:(
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