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Changing the world
one mind at a time
A long overdue update 
7th-Jul-2003 04:54 am

Ok, so taocub, his Husbear, and friend Mary came up two weeks ago to go to the annual gaming con here in Columbus. I had a nice visit with them, and Even got to go for the Saturday section.

That Saturday, I had no sleep, since I had closed the night prior, and I wanted to be up early for Pridefest. Which meant I had been awake 18 hours when I hit Comfest at Noon, and cooled my heals for an hour listening to lesbian folk rock while waiting for a friend of mine to show up. He never did, so I eventually made my way over to the parade. Wasn't nearly as much fun as last year, probably because I knew what to expect. Plus I didn't march all the way downtown and get confronted by the "Christians" who want so badly to "redeem my soul".

So I went to Origens, paid $20 for full one day admission, then paid $3 to play in a demo of something called Theatrix. Then I shelled out $30 because I met Magaret Weis in the dealer area and ended up having her sign my new copy of The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles. Then I spent $10 on a premade deck of Magic: the Gathering. My geek factor was on the rise, and I hadn't yet played a game.

So I go play my game of Theatrix which is a new diceless RPG. And it sucks. And I so wanted to tell the guy running it that it sucked donkey balls, but he's the one who wrote the system, and I really didn't feel like doing more than giving a few suggestions.
So, then I caught up with my friends for a late dinner. Mary was at some awards event for worst horror movie, so We ended up getting sucked into a fun game of Are you a Werewolf?, which I rather enjoyed. Basically, everyone gets a card that designates you either a Werewolf, A Villiager, or The Seer. At night, the villagers go to sleep (aka we close our eyes.) The werewolves wake up durning the night and eat a villager. Then the werewolves go to sleep, and the seer wakes up. The seer then asks the moderator if player X is a werewolf. (For the record, it's all done by pointing at people.) Day comes, the villagers find out who died, they vote to lynch who they think is the werewolf. Fun game. The werewolves won, because they killed the seer the second round. Then we sat down and played Mgic for a longer period of time, until Mary was done. I got to bed at 2 AM that morning. So, I was awake 34 hours straight, and thus why I was too exhausted to post.

Ok, 4th of July. Mom is getting the "Distinguished Bexley Alumni" Award this year, so she got to ride in a parade on the 4th thru Bexly, which is the very old money, snooty as hell suburb of Columbus. I swear, the only people I saw who weren't old money New England were from Whitehall or Dayton. Bexley is the Wonderbread of Columbus. I still find it hard to believe my mother grew up there. And what pissed me off was how I got treated like shit everywhere in town, while Mom's nose kept getting higher in the air. The funny part of the occasion was Bexley High School's all Caucasian production of Once on This Island, one of my favorite musicals. For those who have never heard of it, it's a story in the French Antillies concerning the forbidden love between a dark skinned woman and her royal lover, who is the color of Cafe au lait. As an added bonus, the costumes were bondage fairies meet reggae in hell.

Then mom gave us a tour of the high school. And its new multi-million dollar arts wing, swimming pool, and other amenities. And all I could think was "The state of Ohio actually wants us to believe rural and inner-city schools provide the same education as rich suburban schools?" I mean, who's kidding who here?(Yes, I'm jealous. My old high school is a falling down wreck, and not even the teachers' lounge is air-conditioned.)

So today, I got a call from work telling me not to come in, they were dead. So, I played EQ for a bit, but my head hurt really bad.

I eventually turn on the TV and watch this old movie from childhood, The Watcher in the Woods, featuring none other than Bette Davis. It made more sense to me as an adult, but by the same token, no one in the movie could act, except Bette, who was chewing the scenery. Then after that, I flipped to Noggin and watched the Degrassi: the Next Generation marathon. It gets kudos for having the woman from the Sunday NightSex Show in a cameo, but dear lord, it made me miss the original. (Not that I'll ever admit to watching the original.) However, it's nice to see we've moved from teen pregnancy to belly piercing. *boggle*

So anyway, that's about it. I still haven't finished classes for conversion, for those that are wondering. To be honest, it's less second thoughts than "Where the hell did all my free time go?" If I ever pull an L. Ron Hubbard and start my own religion, I will make the holy day Wednesday. Anyway, I've been up too long today, and bed is calling.
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