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Oh my word... 
25th-Jul-2003 06:10 am
This came courtesy of goddamndunce. You can screw around with it at your own risk.

The eye always sucks
© Gangrel


The pot smoking was over, Tasslehoff had stayed behind with Goldmoon and joined the Knights of Solamnia, Tanis had gone back to Tika on Southern Ergoth, Caramon had up and vanished, and Sturm would be going back to Southern Ergoth tomorrow. Riverwind sighed as he watched the snow fall outside his tent window. ‘I’ll go back to the Circus, I guess.’ Riverwind thought to himself as he stared out into the night. He sighed and laid his forehead against the cold glass of the pane. His melancholy brown eyes, glazed with unshed tears. His mind focusing on the painful thought of Sturm leaving. The bond he felt to the young dark brown man was even more intense today than it had been the first time they met. Out of fear of losing that bond Riverwind had always hidden his true feelings, but in his heart Riverwind knew, he was in love. Real love, soul shattering, heart rendering love. The thought of saying good-bye brought the tears to the surface. And alone, Riverwind wept.

Sturm clutched at his chest, he could feel something was wrong. He listened to Raistlin`s reports with only half of his attention. He shifted from foot to foot nervously, his heart beating in anticipation, but what was out of place was a mystery to Sturm. “Lord Sturm, you seem disturbed. Is everything all right sir?” Raistlin asked noticing Sturm`s restlessness. “I’m not sure Raistlin. I just feel something strange. I feel, I don’t know.” Sturm said rubbing the pain in his chest absently. Raistlin smiled sadly. “May I speak bluntly Lord Sturm.” Raistlin asked and Sturm nodded. “Of course, is there something on your mind?” Sturm asked and Raistlin sighed and motioned for them both to sit. “Lord Sturm, I believe I can pin-point that nagging feeling you’re having.” He said and Sturm`s interest in the conversation became focused. “It has to do with some young one you have not come to terms with.” Raistlin said and Sturm lowered his gaze. “Is it that obvious? Does everyone know I love him?” Sturm asked and Raistlin nodded. “Obvious to all of us who know and love you Lord Sturm. But I think not so obvious to the object of your affection.” Raistlin said laying his large paw of a hand on Sturm`s shoulder as a father would. “Might I suggest you go tell the young lad how you feel. Perhaps that pain you feel in your chest will go away.” Raistlin said standing. Sturm smiled and stood. “I guess it is about time I face him about it. Thanks Raistlin.” Sturm said standing as well. “I live to serve you Lord Sturm. When you suffer, I suffer. I only want your happiness. You are most happy when in Lord Riverwind`s company.” Raistlin said with a knowing smile. Sturm returned it in kind. “I think I’ll be off, I’ll see to affairs in the morning.” Sturm said and Raistlin gave a slight bow. “I’ll have everything ready for departure on schedule Lord Sturm. Good-night sir.” Raistlin said and Sturm dipped his head. “Good-night Raistlin. Thank you.” Sturm said as he grabbed his coat and headed for the tent.

The closer Sturm drew to his destination, the worse the pain in his chest felt. something was dreadfully wrong and he hastened his pace. Once at the tent he took the stairs two and three at a time. Outside Riverwind`s door, the pain in Sturm`s heart was almost an unbearable pressure. He pounded on the door. “Riverwind!? Are you all right? Riverwind?” Sturm asked through the door and there was a muffled sound from within. The door opened and a tear streaked face with a reddened brown eye looked at him. Sturm immediately pulled the taller barbarian into his arms. “Riverwind, what’s wrong? I could feel it all the way back at the keep.” Sturm asked softly and Riverwind sniffed and backed away. “I’m fine Sturm.” Riverwind said moving inside, Sturm followed and shut the door behind him. “Liar, you can’t fool me Riverwind I know something is wrong, my eye always sucks”. “Sturm said moving inside. He sat on the edge of Riverwind`s bed and Riverwind took up the chair by the window once more. “It’s nothing Sturm. I’m tired, that’s all.” Riverwind said softly, turning his face to the window. He could see Sturm`s reflection stand and walk up behind him. Riverwind closed his eyes as he felt Sturm`s hand fall upon his shoulders. He began to massage his neck muscles softly. “Riverwind, I can feel your tension, please tell me what’s troubling you. I can’t help you if you don’t let me.” Sturm said softly, gently rubbing is hands along Riverwind`s knotted shoulders. Riverwind leaned into Sturm`s ministrations. Sturm leaned over and his breath caressed Riverwind`s ear. “Please Riverwind, talk to me. There’s nothing in this world you couldn’t confide in me. There’s nothing you could say that would alter the way I feel about you.” Sturm said softly, urging Riverwind to unburden the weight upon his soul. “Sturm, I can’t” Riverwind said hanging his head. Sturm moved and knelt in front of Riverwind, lifting his chin with a finger. Sturm leaned in and gently kissed him. Softly and tenderly upon Riverwind`s trembling lips. “Yes, you can.” Sturm said breathlessly to a quivering Riverwind. Riverwind`s eyes glazed with new tears as he ran his fingers over the spot where Sturm`s kiss lingered. Riverwind looked back to Sturm a longing expression in his eyes. Hope mixed with fear. Sturm cupped Riverwind`s face in his hands. “I love you Riverwind and nothing in this world will ever change that fact. Nothing you can say will drive me away, do you understand?” Sturm said, urging once more for Riverwind to confess his hidden torment. Riverwind wrapped shaking arms around Sturm as he fell into his embrace. “I was afraid of losing you.” Riverwind said into Sturm`s neck. “Oh, Riverwind. I am not lost quite as easily as you seem to think.” Sturm cooed stroking his soft brown hair. “I love you Riverwind.” He said again and Riverwind crawled deeper into Sturm`s embrace. “I love you too Sturm.” Riverwind said, barely above a whisper.

Sturm held the slender barbarian tightly against his beating heart, once more bringing his lips forward to claim a kiss. Riverwind returned it tentatively. Sturm gently tasted Riverwind`s kiss with the tip of his tongue, in response, Riverwind`s lips parted in a silent invitation. Sturm deepened the kiss, leading Riverwind in the first steps of a seductive dance. How many nights had he lain awake dreaming of making love to Riverwind? How many days had he spent picturing this moment when they kissed? Sturm was in heaven and he planned to take Riverwind with him. He urged Riverwind to lie down, until Sturm hovered over him on the floor. Sturm brought his kiss down along Riverwind`s jaw, to his Adam’s apple, to the hollow of his collar bone. Sturm reached underneath Riverwind`s shirt and as he ran his hands over Riverwind`s smooth flesh, he pushed Riverwind`s shirt up, then removed it completely. “No more tears my grumpypants.” Sturm said coming back down to place tender kisses across the exposed flesh. Riverwind sighed a contented coo as he shivered underneath Sturm`s teasing lips. “So long as you’re with me, I have no tears but those of joy.” Riverwind said running his fingers through the thick dark brown locks of his beloved Sturm. “Come with me Riverwind. Let me keep you close to me always.” Sturm said in-between kisses. Riverwind sighed then gasped out a “yes” as Sturm`s teeth began to nibble his nipple. Sturm`s hands explored uncharted territory as his lips brought a painful arousal to Riverwind`s nipples and schlong. Sturm could feel Riverwind`s erection bursting to be set free from it’s cloth constraints. Sturm obliged and peeled Riverwind`s pants away slowly. Running his palms down Riverwind`s legs as he removed the denim garment. Long, slender and well defined legs his lover had. Sturm mused as he trailed kisses up from Riverwind`s toes to his calves, to his inner thighs, which caused a moan to issue from Riverwind`s lips, to a gasp of pleasured shock when Sturm took his schlong within the warmth of his mouth.

Riverwind writhed beneath Sturm, thrusting his hips up as Sturm suckled and feasted upon his aching schlong. Sturm`s pace never ceasing and growing faster in tempo as Riverwind moaned in utter ecstasy beneath him. Sturm was almost to the brink of disaster himself, as the cries of pleasure from his beloved sought purchase in his own groin. A painful pressure as his own throbbing erection pushed against the restrictive cloth barrier housing it. Sturm felt Riverwind`s muscles constrict violently moments before, his climax culminated and issued forth. Riverwind, drenched in sweat twitched as he came down from the edge of oblivion. “Oh, Sturm!” he sighed as Sturm smiled, licking his lips. “It has only just begun my precious grumpypants.” Sturm said seductively as he brought his salty, tangy kiss back to Riverwind`s lips. A mixture of tastes, that of Sturm and that of his own release met Riverwind`s lips. Sturm sat up and quickly divested himself of his own clothes, before returning to press against Riverwind`s length. “I want to be inside you. Will you let me in?” Sturm whispered as he nibbled Riverwind`s earlobe. Riverwind nodded shyly, unsure. Sturm devoured his neck. “Then turn over my Love. Let me love you.” Sturm urged and Riverwind rolled over. Sturm leaned over and kissed the back of Riverwind`s shoulders. “I love you, just relax. I would never hurt you.” Sturm said softly as he gently probed with his finger. “There, is that nice?” Sturm asked softly and Riverwind nodded, eyes tight shut, his breathing labored. Sturm placed a second finger into the rhythm, slowly widening Riverwind`s entrance. Easing him into what was to come. Then when he felt Riverwind truly relax into the rhythm Sturm moved into position and gently pushed his schlong into his lovers sheath. Riverwind cried out and Sturm stroked his back soothingly. “Just relax my love. Relax and it will not hurt.” Sturm said softly running his hand lovingly over Riverwind`s smooth back. He felt Riverwind relax his muscles and slowly Sturm began to thrust. His lover’s tight embrace drew him deeper and deeper. Sturm was lost to the thrilling sensations as he slipped in and out of his lovers gripping muscles. “Oh Riverwind!” Sturm cried as he released his seed into his beloved. Together they lay in a tangle of boneless limbs as they sighed their contentment. “I love you, Now and always.” Sturm said as he laid a tender kiss to Riverwind`s temple. Riverwind nestled deeper into Sturm`s comforting embrace. “Forever.” Riverwind sighed as he drifted to sleep in Sturm`s loving arms. Sturm had been right after all, the eye always sucks. If you listen to it, you will find happiness.
25th-Jul-2003 04:31 pm (UTC)
Gah! Must burn that out of my head!
25th-Jul-2003 08:24 pm (UTC)
Sorry...been wanting to play with the engine for a while....
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