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Too good to pass up... 
26th-Nov-2003 05:49 pm
Courtesy of westbeilschmidt, 15 things not to do or say while watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

1. Block the entrance to the theater while screaming: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
2. Play a drinking game where you have to take a sip every time someone says: "The Ring."
3. Point and laugh whenever someone dies.
4. Ask everyone around you if they think Gandalf went to Hogwarts.
5. Finish off every one of Elrond's lines with "Mr. Anderson."
6. Talk like Gollum all through the movie. At the end, bite off someone's finger and fall down the stairs.
7. When Denethor lights the fire, shout "Barbecue!"
8. Every time someone kills an Orc, yell: "That's what I'm Tolkien about!"
9. During a wide shot of a battle, inquire, "Where's Waldo?"
10. Come to the premiere dressed as Frankenfurter and wander around looking terribly confused.
11. When they go in the paths of the dead, wait for tense moment and shout, "I see dead people!"
12. Imitate what you think a conversation between Gollum, Dobby and Yoda would be like.
13. Release a jar of daddy-long-legs into the theater during the Shelob scene.
14. Wonder out loud if Aragorn is going to run for governor of California.
15. When Shelob comes on, exclaim, "Man! Charlotte's really let herself go!"
26th-Nov-2003 06:30 pm (UTC)
Ask everyone around you if they think Gandalf went to Hogwarts

I've often wondered that myself. He does have an uncanny similarity to professor dumbledor!
27th-Nov-2003 01:10 pm (UTC)
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