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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Again updating at another's house 
28th-Nov-2003 05:53 am
Which means being quick for the sake of politeness.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving in the company of close friends, namely taocub, The Bear, and Wolf. Did me a world of good to spend a holiday far far away from my family. Trust me on this. Holidays with mom and Lisa and Richard usually end with me ready to start killing folks.

Still odd being in Fairborn again after so long. It used to be my Israel, now it feels more like I'm Adam, coming back to the Garden of Eden. Someplace forbidden,a home that isn't anymore. It drives me nuts, since I still remember all the things I did to live here again a few years back. Maybe the poets were right....you can't go home again.

Went and saw Timeline tonight after a rather disappointing dinner at what may well be the last Denny's left in Ohio. Kind of sad, since Gay Denny's is where I spent many a night recovering from the excesses of too much alcohol and asphixiation by gay men wearing too much CK1. The movie itself wasn't bad, just had to keep remembering that it was based on Crichton. In oither words, leave reality at the door, and don't expect anything to be explained. Also, predictability of survivorship among the characters.

Currently re-reading Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaimen's Good Omens, which I've been wanting to re-read for a while, particularly since crotalus_atrox keeps mentioning it.

It's raining again. I hate rain. It could at least snow for the sake of form. I mean, it is almost winter....
30th-Nov-2003 01:43 am (UTC)
I was hoping that the holiday would have been more fun. Trying to find something open on Thanksgiving was a minor adventure. Attempting to get others to join us for movies or whatever was less than fruitful, too.

Someday, dear, the Bear and I will leave this area, too.
30th-Nov-2003 01:51 am (UTC)
Heh, the holiday was fine dear, the company more than made up for the bitchy waiter:)
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