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Changing the world
one mind at a time
today's Torchlights post 
14th-Feb-2002 05:16 pm
Well, Last night I went to B&N and managed to get really pissed off
with them. I still bought a few of the books I came in for, but I was
rather non-plussed with their presentation.

Now I'm sure as most of you have noticed, most pagan and magick books
get lumbed in with New Age/Unexplained Phenomina. I can deal with
this, because I know about the classification there. My primamry
purpose last night was to find the books I have on reserve at the
library to find out if they were worth getting. As it was, I ended up
buying a copy of the _Philosophy for BEginners_ book I've devoted 2-3
posts to. My problem is that I went looking for the Islam section,
mainly because one of the books I'm waiting on would be there. Well,
let's see. X-tianity occupies several shelves, Judaism gets a little
section, and theres a smushed section referred to as "Eastern
Religions". No Islam. I go searching around, and finally find two
bottom shelves hidden at the bottom of general religion devoted to
Islam. Then I looked at the titles. Most of them were either various
translations of the Qu'aran (edited) or books on how Xtians can best
convert Muslims to the "true faith". Then up on the top shelf were
several different Sufism books.
So I aksed a book seller, and he pointed me to "Current Events". Over
there, I found a horse (arabic on one page, English on the other) of
the Koran, as well as several books on the evils of militant Islam.
Now, Islam is not me religion of choice, but it does piss me off that
this is how it gets represented to the curious, like studying it is
akin to insanity or syphillus. I understand we are at war with
practitioners of Islam, but just as not all Xtians are evil, not all
muslims are evil. I was extremely pissed by that point, but I already
had the books I wanted, so I let it go. I'm still tempted to write a
note on one of the comment cards, since this country was founded on
freedon of religion and freedom from religion. *grumbles*

Anyway, I have now vented, and I wish all who read this a pleasant
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