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Changing the world
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22nd-Feb-2002 06:34 am
Today just dragged on and on...I hate my job, but at the same time I'm comfortable there.
Let's see, finished up my Intro to Islam book, now working my way through Judaism. After that comes Sartre and Freud. Then I can relax with a nice Neil Gaimen graphic novel. All of this reading and what I find is that I really don't like the followers of JHVH. I mean, I agree with some of it, but I find myself disagreeing with minor points here and there. However, I'm getting a better understanding of the viewpoints, but I don't agree with them. Some of the proofs they use are soplistic at best, and outright ignorance at worst. And all of them have so much in common, but prefer to protest based on differences. Like, well, Jesus....
But really, all of them share the same deity, the difference is in interpretation. Jews, for instance, believe that the laws are there for a reason. Xtians believe that Jesus supplants all the laws, and all you need is him. So, let's see, I accept Christ, all my sins are forgiven. Am I free to sin all I want to then, knowing that it doesn't matter? Or do I follow all the laws and go to hell if I fail in my task? Or Islam, where all things follow the will of Allah? I'm beginning to see why JHVH was god of war...all of his followers fight.
All I can tell is that I must be seeking some new revelation, since all I seem to be reading is philosophy and religion texts. I mean, I'm happy being pagan, but I miss the some of the structure I had growing up. Not to much,m because ritual is it's own problem, but every once in a while, I would like a clear set of sirecives that make sense. I guess it all comes down to "Love your neighbor as yourself." That's where I agree with Judaism, that our bodies are a temple, a gift given by the divine. And I agree with Islam that science and research can only lead to new appreciation of what the divine has created. Perhaps what I'm striving to prove here is that behind all the masques, the divine is one whole form, with several forms that lead us onwards. Unfortunatly, no one seems to buy that, other than me. Mainly because people have justified arguements against situational ethics. But, by the same token, situational ethics is closer to where I am.
Why can't I get a burning bush, or better yet, a big flaming arrow?
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