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Changing the world
one mind at a time
8th-Apr-2002 02:02 am
The first part of this will possibly piss people off, and the second part will bore people to death.

Ok, Papa John's is fucking pissing me off right now. Our customers are either stupid fuckin' students or even worse, stupid fuckin' rednex. There is no such thing as a nice fuckin' customer. They all want a special, they all want to bitch because of something I can't fix, and worse, they all want it right when I'm fuckin' in the middle of cleaning. And I'm really pissed that Dave is sucking Steve's dick to get hours, and then calls off constantly, usuallly due to a hangover. I've had bronchitis for a few days, and was told to come in anyway. Now Steve has it, and guess what? He called off. Fuck Steve.
And while we're on the subject, FUCK FUNDY XTIANS! If I have to hear one more time about how the war in Israel id the beginning of the great Tribulation, I am going to go POSTAL! First of all, do the research. The references cited to the "Rapture" are in a whole different book than the story of the Apocolypse. And in answer to gareon's friend's contention that America is the whore of Babylon (not that I don't agree), oh please. Considering that most American fundies give that role to the freakin' pope of the Roman Church, to me this suggests that to those who claim to know the will of God are really just delusional fuckheads with a narcissistic complex. Although my major problem has always been with the complete disregard to any beliefs other than their own warped perspective (case in point: last time I went to a bible meeting the concentrated on specific words rather than the overall meaning of the passage they were studying), this new hypocracy is pissing me off. What they seem to forget is that any philosophic reading, nay, any reading, is subject to interpretation, filtered through individual perception and predjudice. Or they forget to take things in the context they were written, as it was filtered through the author's particular perceptions and predjudices. God did not once ever just sit down and say "Let there be BOOK!" I'll give you the 10 commandments, but even then, when I was researching Judaism, I found a nice little thing about how Genesis was written by at least two different authors, and how some of Deuteronomy was suspect to revision. (Read Karen Armstrong's _History of God_. She can cite more sources than I can can rattle off right now.) And while we're discussing revision, look at the KJV, subject to the fairy king of England's revision to suite his need to prove the divine right of kingship. Now the Qu'aran, at least, has the history of being written by people who actually personally knew the founder (with the exception of what the Prophet himself wrote.) Problem being that when they organized the damn thing (pardon my sacrelidge), they didn't bother to organize it very well. It has a bad tendancy to repeat itself. And the bible itself is incomplete.
Anyway, I've vented my frustration now, so I'm signing off before someone smites or rebukes me.
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