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Yoda kicks ASS!!! 
16th-May-2002 03:36 pm
Ok, Ep. II was a lot better than Ep. I.
Yoda with a lightsabre is a scary site, but it paid for the ticket. Even if Aniken is angst-boy. Even if Jar-Jar is still in it. And this one gives you a whole new reason to hate him.
Not to mention, there's a rather unimportant death scene that has the worst acting I have ever seen. I actually laughed at it. Hell, I can forgive Lucas for that, if only for the lamentably short Yoda on crack scene.
Not to mention, there's trarlers for Matrix II & III on the front of it!!!!
Bring on Ep. III...Even if Boba Fett is still in it again.:P
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