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Changing the world
one mind at a time
I freely admit my dorkdom 
7th-Jun-2002 12:11 am
adagiogray and stewicked and I drove up to Westerville to a LARP a friend of mine invited me to. The really odd part is that the guy who invited me remembers me mainly from my old character, Steven Lewis, Gangrel Primogen of Dayton (watches lights dim as light bulbs go on over people's heads). Turns out I knew a few people. While I'm playing another Gangrel named Steven (I usually play Gangrel because my wardrobe fits the clan very well), this one has issues. He's an occult bookstore owner who runs a male prostitution ring under the cover of "Reiki massage". Heh.
The thing I like about this LARP (besides actually knowing the players outside of game) is that most of us are normal people who just want to have fun. This is not meant to be an insult to anyone, but I never felt all that comfortable LARPing with a bunch of people who a)were 17 or younger, b)too busy being goth to be a character, and c)too wrapped up in petty bullshit to enjoy the game. The LARP right now is smallish, but that's ok. It also just got started, which is even better. And I must admit, with the sudden cold snap, it felt damn good to put on all the flannel that's been in my closet.
I guess it almost felt like home. My old LARP at WSU, before all the bullshit that caused me to leave felt like this. Most of us work normal jobs or go to school, and we all just want to have fun. Hell, one of the Toreador women is a Sorority babe.
Winks atadagiogray
Not to mention, there's a Graeter's right down form the game, meaning kick ass ice cream and pastry.
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