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I go away for 8 hours, and someone stirred the pot... 
7th-Aug-2002 02:59 am
Ok, I swear, I missed 8 hours of DRAMA on here while engaging in Adrenaline.

First of all, am I political at all on here? Last I checked, other than mentioning Kate Mulgrew is a Gubenatorial candidate's wife (and making a few comments about her prowess with the Borg helping with dealing with State Congress), I have never posted much that creates controversy. Ya know, if you want to post political stuff, it is your journal to do so in. I may not agree with everything that I read on my friend page, but I still read it, regardless. As my father used to say, "If you can argue with the editorials, you know you're alive." I will, as is my perogative, stick to posting the bitching, whining, and moaning that I got a code to post here, as well as lamenting about my lack of anything resembling a sex life. Can't we all just get along?

Second, While we're on the subject, why is something that's so right so wrong at the same time? Why is it that my ex and I can be friends, but still have remanat sparks come flying up at odd times?

Third, since Papa John's decided I didn't need to come in again tonight (thank G-d I'm closing most of the rest of the week), I ended up making a random road trip with Chris tonight. Where to, you might ask? None other than Cedar Point for a fun night (after 5, the price drops) of coasters galore. Since his bf doesn't like coasters, we were free to ride in the back of every coaster we rode. And I got the added bonus of knowing how much weight I have lost based on being able to get in all the damn harnesses without assistance!!! We ended up riding The Raptor first, since it was right inside the gate. Last time I rode it, Herb the evil bastard had us right up front. After that, we had overpriced (but undercharged) hamburgers and fries, and then went to stand in line for 2 hours to get on Millenium Force! (Sorry, it and Wicked Twister are the only two I had left to ride at CP, and Wicked Twister was non-operational.) Force was well worth the wait to get on. 90 MPH, and it honestly felt like the starting hill inverted as we decended. We got off laughing hysterically, and promptly hauled ass to get on the Magnum before the park closed. Not only did we get on, but we had ten minutes to get on the Mantis as well. (Mantis being one Chris had never ridden.) After all the coasters, we stopped and got Funnel Cakes!!!! I finally got my sweet fried dough. On the way back, (CP needs a major highway, 71 to 250 was a pain in the arse) We entertained ourselves by talking about sex and singing every musical that we both knew. It was kind of cool to enjoy that again. Even without the entire relationship, it's stilll nice to know that we can enjoy the intimacy of friendship.

So in closing, I wish you all could get along better. But it is your lives and your journals. And I'll keep my prying drama queen nose out of it.
7th-Aug-2002 09:26 am (UTC)
Don't keep your nose out of my business, baby... I like what you have to say...
7th-Aug-2002 11:36 am (UTC) - Re:
7th-Aug-2002 09:41 am (UTC)
Did I miss something? I never noticed anything political in your LJ. But even if there was, hey, it's your journal. Write whatever the hell you want.
7th-Aug-2002 11:36 am (UTC) - Re:
LOL...nothing like that...a few people on my friend list are fighting over the Israel/Palestine conflict.
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