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Ah what a weekend! 
1st-Sep-2002 11:11 pm
I'm back!

Ok here's the gory details on most of what all went on this weekend.

Josh picked me up Friday morning, we got my check cashed and drove like hell to make it to Fairborn. We went and picked up Tommy, then proceeded to Gingiss to get my tux, as well as get Tommy's new jacket. So, I went and tried everything on...other than the neck being a bit tight on the shirt, I looked phat!

So, we get our stuff together and head back to the homestead in an attempt to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. When we finally all converged, we got going to the church, which was also the first time I really got to meet both families. Kind of odd. But I think I managed to be a decent person with all of them. It was during said rehearsal I found out I would be responsible for both rings. (Everyone I've mentioned this to has said "Duh!", but in all honesty, I really didn't know.) I also got aquainted with the Matron of Honor, who managed to keep me laughing through most of the rehearsal.

Well, after the rehearsal, we went to Ryan's for buffet style dinner. This was a lot of fun, since we all kept trading tables to talk to various people. And Tommy got his Mashed taters.

So we head back to Fairborn. I had the couch, everyone else had their bedrooms. Except for Chris, who went home. Well, I ended up taking lots of Tylenol Allergy, because I'm allergic to cats, and I forgot to mention it. But it did help me sleep. Anyway, I got to actual sleep around 3:30 AM, since I ended up reading for a while. the bride woke me up around 8:30 AM since they had a bunch of stuff to do. (hair, make-up, etc.). Well, the bride and one of the bridesmaids (jannajanna)and I decide we're starving, so we went and got McDonald's breakfasts for the 5 of us at the apartment. I haven't had one of those in ages!

The groom got up and ran an errand, while the bride and the above bridesmaid went to do the women's pre-wedding stuff. So I grabbed my shower, then the groom an I went to get our haircuts. I got spoiled by my stylist. She actually used Talc on my neck and a bit o' pomade to make sure my hair wouldn't get all poofy during the course of the day. Oh and we ran in to taocub and his husbear on the way out. Of course when we got back, we discovered we had all of 10 minutes to get ready before we had to leave for the church. This meant the groom taking a record shower and me doing a shave job the ripped the hell out of the right side of my face.

So we finally all pile into cars and hit the church. The women got a huge room to change in while us poor guys got the nursery. It was nice though since all of us helped each other with cufflink, studs and tie straightening. The real joke was that everyone else's shoes came with black socks, but mine didn't. I was the only one who had comfy socks hidden under my slacks. So anyway we take all the pre-wedding pictures ad then we get ready. The wedding went without a hitch. I was so happy. And I managed to keep from crying in front of everyone.

Well, after the wedding the 80 bazillion pictures were taken of the families etc., then the wedding party piled into a 14 seater stretch limo. We then proceeded to the reception, where I learned all the fun things I was responsible for. Fortunatly, I did have a toast planned, but I had forgotton about collecting the dollars for the dollar dance. But Josh and Jenni were so good together. Well, I got the last dnace of the dollar dance, and the girl dancing with Josh and I switched partners at the end. With all of that out of the way it was a standard reception filled with dancing, music, and cake. But none of us changed out of our tuxes or dresses. Which ended up being about 7 hours in a tux. So, after all that was done, I made arrangements to sleep on taocub's couch. I figured the bride and groom would be having a honeymoon night, and I really felt Tommy and Janna deserved some alone time to recover.

Well, I guess Doug was having Serendipity night at his place. I showed up in full tux, only to find Ishte and Phoenix were visiting. So, I talked with them for a few minutes while I was stripping off the tux. Then Phil, Doug, and Nate, and I went to Denny's.

After we got back, I got to meet James, SAM's fiancee, and another of my sorta-ex's ex. Then Doug and I had a conversation I'm still processing.

I finally collapsed, and woke up around 1:00 PM this afternoon. Janna and Tommy drove me home, and I went to work. Now I'm home, and I think I'll probably sleep for several hours now.

Well, anyway, I'll post the pics when I get them, if only so people can see me in a tux. I also need to get caught up on the multitude of posts I missed, and the horrendous amounts of e-mail that I need to sort through.

Peace Out!
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