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Changing the world
one mind at a time
*cough hack* 
9th-Sep-2002 12:34 am
Well, I feel better now, but my nose still runs.

Our store is falling apart. The toilet quit working and the AC still leaks. I fully expect the ceiling to cave in this week.

I did make two new icons today, using some old .gifs I had saved from a while ago. That, unfortunately, is the most exciting thing that has happened.

I did get a laugh when Karim announced that we needed to leave by 11:30 because "I have weed and pussy waiting for me at home". This is why I love Karim. He's a sexist Algerian, but he does have his moments.

Um anyway, Xenos boy has returned. I'm probably going to martyr him this week if he pisses me off. I need a back rub. My muscles hurt.

Oh and hugs to taocub. Sounds like he could use one.
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