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Changing the world
one mind at a time
I just submitted the melodrama from Hell!!!!!!! 
6th-Nov-2001 03:58 am
I finally found a publisher who might like to publish the flagship of my oevuer, the long dreaded Blood Love. Don't get me wrong, it's a favorite of mine, one which has grown a lot since its inception. You see the story as told originally (back in Junior year English in High School), was about a kid who went to camp and came back to fuck his life up royally. In the new, really really long version, he still fucks his life up, but he manages to get his life back together by the end of it. Plus, since I named the main character after myself, he actually gets the bf of his dreams! ('course in the sequal, they're breaking up, but oh well, I hate super couples.) I'm now scared as hell, waiting for a reply from the publisher. I really fucking hope they like it, because I'm terribly proud of it. Plus, if they like it, I can hopefully get an anthology of my shorter writings published. Oh gods I'm scared as hell. I have every part of my anatomy crossed right now.
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