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Changing the world
one mind at a time
18th-Sep-2001 03:42 pm
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started at Papa John's. My first
day, I was schedualed 2-V. I asked what the V stood for and they told
me volume. I thought this meant volume of business, but it turns out
it means you get sent home when you whine at loud enough volume. Thus
why I keep working 10 hour shifts. I can't whine loud enough to suit
the managers. They expect you to be bleeding.
Sunday was a ten hour shift. I got put on the ovens and given one
instruction: "Pop any bubbles you see." Now at the other pizza joints
I have done time in, there was no bubble popping, mainly because
their crusts didn't bubble up the way PJ's does. So, I'm standing
there minding my own business, cutting the 20 pie order to the Hwy
Patrol acadamy, when Chris, our rich faggot manager (his description
of himself, not mine [though I must agree it fits him])asks me if I
had popped any bubbles in the oven. I slowly shook my heaqd in
ignorence. He sighed dramatically and opened the oven door. Then he
grabbed this big pitchfork looking thing and started poking at this
bubble the size of Pamela Anderson's breast implant that looked kind
of like the pod the face huggers jumped out of in _Alien_. It
deflated quickly, reminding me of an oozing boil. Chris then pointed
out to me how to get them early so that I don't get the breast
implant size bubbles. I politely thanked him, and now I know how to
poke Bubbles! (I just hope Bubbles doesn't mind me poking her.)
Make at PJ's is easy as hell. My only real problem is tossing the
dough. I can toss salads with the best of 'em, but I am at a loss
when it comes to tossing dough. My first attempt actually hit Griff
across the face. My second attempt wound up on the floor. Now I'm not
allowed near the dough unless I have a dough catcher nearby to guide
Griff, by the way, goes to Pride acadamy, a special high school in
Dublin just for gay people. Can I say I'm jealous? 'Course, he
reminds me so much of Len Rojas that it frightens me. On the bright
side, he has a great sense of humor, and was polite enough not to
make too many comments when I asked where the dough was because I
needed a 10" dicks.
In the meantime, I have Mindy to entertain me. Mindy has white grrl
dreads and an 18 month old girl. I also have Brad, who's going to be
in jail before he turns 19; Jonda, the slut from hell (her
description again, not mine); Steven, the ROTC wannabe; and a whole
host of others. Not to mention a stereo that is normally on the
classic R&B station (i.e. all they play is disco. We actually DID the
Hustle tonight during the 10 o'clock rush).
Aftre all these years, I find Rojas's comments fulfilled. Pizza is
filled freaks, losers, and fags. While I miss the nice quiet $9,000
weeks of Cassano's I can no longer say I'm not having fun at work. If
nothing else, it lets me feel like a human again. And besides,
they're paying $8.25 an hour! If I stick around 30 days, I get a
quarter raise. When I fill out my book, I get another $.25. And they
don't mind the overtime.
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