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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Shoot me and get it over with. 
20th-Sep-2002 02:48 am
I owe a lot of people comments. I'm working on it, dammit.

So I went to LARP tonight. I nearly got slapped for being reallllly perverse both in and out of character. Hell, I managed to goose the Toreador primogen. It was her fault, she entranced me.
Our Brutrue Prince decided to spend the entire LARP giving an Econ lecture. OMFG, I was so bored. I really could give a shit less about corporate law.
I got to show off a bit since two of our players are semi-pagan. I actually know bits of Rune Lore IRL, so I passed it on. Yay.

Actually, the really fun part came after game. My ex, Good Chris, called me about 5 minutes before I got home. I call him as soon as I get here, and he passes on that he and his bf of 5 months have split up. So, being the kind concerned friend that I am, I invited him over and fed him pizza rolls and beer. I hate to see my friends in pain. I also hate that little voice in my head that whispers "He's rebounding. He hasn't had sex in a few weeks.". BLARGH! Damn ulterior motives. I was doing my best to do what others have done for me after particularly nasty break-ups. Get drunk.
*sighs* I apologize. I'm trying very hard to be a friend without being an asshole.
19th-Sep-2002 08:21 pm (UTC)
Don't you love a full moon on a sabbat?
19th-Sep-2002 08:35 pm (UTC) - Re:
Please don't remind me.

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