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Changing the world
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Holy Crap, Batman! 
25th-Sep-2002 04:09 am
Ok, I finally caught up with the rest of Society and watched the Buffy Season premier. Wow! B is back. I still think Dawn is an obnoxious twit, but 6 seasons' worth of uber-baddies more than made up for it. I think I had a Buffygasm back there. Warren, Glory, Adam, the Mayor, Drucilla, and the Master, and Buffy herself!!!!
*moans in ecstacy*

Yay! Remind me to set the VCR this season.

Oh, and thanks primavera! This is wrong on so many levels, but so right one others.

And this one is from celluloidson. Has to be seen to be believed.
25th-Sep-2002 04:35 pm (UTC)
Gee, that's not disturbing at all.
25th-Sep-2002 09:12 pm (UTC) - Re:
*chuckles* My question is "Where do people find this stuff?"
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