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Changing the world
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Only Women Bleed 
5th-Oct-2002 03:05 am
I'm just now getting home.

Ok, Eddie and I started our evening of entertainment by driving out to Easton for a nice dinner at the Cheesecake factory. This was damned amusing because I had never been to Easton before, let alone the damn restaurant. We found it, but it was difficult. Dinner was good. I had a $8 blackened chicken sandwich which was amazingly worth the price. Eddie ended up ordering a $7 Twilight Zone, made with 3 different rums. I'm amazed he didn't pass out after that.
Well, I managed to navigate us to Polaris, where we found out that the rain caused the haunted houses to close. So we can use our tickets to go back anytime. Now if they'd give us free parking...
Ok, Alice Cooper is a minor deity. Any man who can put on the Freudian slide show and keep us entertained is a man after my own heart. It helped the first part was drawn from those old Kung-Fu movies. Follwed by the impaled baby, the sanitarium, and his execution via guillotine. *drool* After that, we were treated to a ten minute drum solo with the acid lighting. Oh my, it was fun. My ears are still ringing. My only minor complaint was that he looked kind of like Tim Curry in RHPS when he first came out.
And I should mention here that during his encore, he came out wearing a shirt that said "Britney wants me" on the front, and "DEAD" on the back. The final moments of the concert involved a girl dressed up like a certain popstress singing "Oops I did it again", only to be beheaded by Alice. It was a nice touch.
So, after the show, we came back here for a few minutes. Eddie expressed interest in viewing female anatomy. Having no clue where one could find such establishments in this town, I called steve at work. Steve gave us directions to Private Dancer on Trabue Rd. I think I saw more female anatomy tonight than I have ever seen before. And it confirmed once again that women do not turn me on sexually.
Since I'm editing this now anyway, I should mention that I just talked to Herb. Seems Josh, my old roomie, is engaged after dating his fiancee for 6 months. Fucker.
Anyway, I'm getting off of here before judecorp and badadam come kick my ass for not being able to transfer tickets in time. Sorry guys.:(
6th-Oct-2002 12:31 am (UTC) - Re:
*click ruby sneakers together 3 times*

There's no place like home!
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