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Changing the world
one mind at a time
I can't wait for Friday! 
7th-Oct-2002 02:48 am
Payday is going to be very happy this week. 90 hour check! So tired though.

So anyway, werechick has now added me, so I returned the favor. Welcome to the list.

Anyway, Not much to report. Josh never e-mailed me back, which I'm beginning to think might be a GOOD thing. I still should write about Josh, but I really just don't feel up to it right now.

I did do my laundry, and I got the bathroom half done (ie, I cleaned the sink and the toilet. the floor and the tub get hit by Pine-Sol and Comet tomorrow). Oh, and I lost a game of on-line Canasta, but I did win a game of Milles-Borne at games.com. The funny part is that I originally signed up there to play Sorry!. Yes, I have an Inner Hamster that needs to be let loose. But when you're bored...

Oh, and I started a new Ray Bradbury book. A Graveyard for Lunatics I think is the title. I also have Farenheit 451, but I'm not ready to delve into it yet.

All of it beats the hell out of the damned Melville though. Why is it that required reading is a bitch, but non-assigned reading goes by too fast?
7th-Oct-2002 05:51 am (UTC)
ninety hours in one week?
holy fuck.
7th-Oct-2002 12:17 pm (UTC) - Re:
Two weeks. 45 per week. Sorry, didn't mean to confuse people:)
8th-Oct-2002 12:50 pm (UTC)
*feels loved* As for the book list, it's always like that. 'Cept, for me, I get every last one of the crappy books I ever already read on *my* list. Life sucks.
8th-Oct-2002 10:33 pm (UTC) - Re:

Well, a trip to the library solve most needs there...:)
8th-Oct-2002 06:42 pm (UTC)
You little literate fuck you. *lol* I never get a chance to read anymore. I bow to your intelligence. I really do find it charming. Me? I'm becoming dumber by the day. Those exotic dancers sure have been nice to look at, but they've done nothing for me intellectually, lol.
8th-Oct-2002 10:32 pm (UTC) - Re:
Heh, nothing wrong with not reading...Althought I find comics are great for those who hate books;)
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