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Changing the world
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Curiousity and the damned proverbial feline 
16th-Oct-2002 04:50 am
Ok, before I even get started with my past few days, I'm recommending The New Guy for anyone who doesn't mind breezy comedy with Eliza Dushku shakin' her groove thing. Added bonuses for the cameos. Gene Simmons, Kool Mo Dee, Vanilla Ice, Tommy Lee, and even Henry Rollins make apperances. Yes, it's cheesy and predictable. But it fit the after work boredom fix quite well.

Now that tonight's movie review is out of the way...

Ok, that last post I made about my history prior to High School graduation dug up some old memories I really didn't need. In the spirit of Halloween, I've decided to get out my axe and bury them back where the belong. No one really needs to know about all the drama that comes with Boy Scouts.

I also had a few nice memories come up while reading through the help wanted ads in The Lantern. Seems one of our local Escort services is lookinbg for drivers. Having dome this before (evidently, I look scary standing at a door trying to get the half naked woman out), I was actually considering doing it again. The money is good, and the girls tell stories. And I discovered, like chicagoguy before me, that roommate wanted ads read like personals.

And we got a new assistant manager whom I should know. He knows most of the same people I know, and we both worked for Dayton-area Donato's at the same time. Huh? So now I'm going around back-handed trying to dig up dirt. This is another thing that really pisses me off of late. There are a few people I'd like very much to get in touch with, buit I can only find people who know them, not the person himself.
16th-Oct-2002 11:22 am (UTC) - Ho Chauffeur?
Now THAT sounds like an interesting part time job. Is there any arrest risk in it, though, something like pandering, or "aiding and abetting" just on the OFF chance that the girls do a little more than have dinner and dance with their date? Or are they all considered independent contractors making them the only ones liable in the case of an "incident?"

Oh, and regarding your recent HS memoir entry, all I can say is . . . Holy Cow! I was in the Scouts for all three years of middle school, and as far as I was aware NONE of that sort of thing was going on in my troop. Not that I would have known, necessarily, at that tender age, but there really weren't all that many older kids around to begin with. The most immoral thing we ever got up to was that when I was serving as troop treasurer (adding up and keeping records of our 35 cents per week dues) I used to have to leave the meetings to do the totalling giving me 10 or 15 minutes of respite from the usual boring bullshit. Eventually I dragged in one of my fellow patrol members as my "assistant" and the two of us would spend half the time looking through the assortment of Playboy centerfolds that I had brought in from my father's attic collection. And we thought THAT was pretty naughty! Your stories are bit more . . .um . . . eventful? You should really consider writing a book, man, you've clearly got a lot of stories already.
16th-Oct-2002 12:27 pm (UTC) - Re: Ho Chauffeur?
Well, during my time driving for them, we never got stung. However, for the most part, I usually just sat in my car and read a book for the hour while the girls were inside. I only ever got paged by the agency once. (The agency called the client at the end of the time to let them know time was up. If there was a problem, they called me.) So, to answer your question, should one of them have gotten arrested, I could have claimed to NOT know what was going on, particularly since agency policy was that the girls didn't have sex. (Not that this mattered, but it helped everyone avoid a lawsuit.)

As for writing a book, I'm rather sure a tell all biography would probably get me in trouble.
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