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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Now that I have had a day to waste 
17th-Oct-2002 12:35 am
Ah, the joys of a day off. So far, I've slept 9 hours, eaten Greek delivery, and watched 2 stupid movies.

Lost Voyage is low budget and obviously got released to cash in on Ghost Ship. But hey, the plot is more like Event Horizon in the Bermuda Triangle anyway...

Mission to Mars wasn't that bad, but it wasn't the greatest thing I've ever seen, either. I did like that they had fun with the face.

Tonight or tomorrow, I also have Rose Red waiting for me.

Ok actual thought post. taocub and I had a really long IMversation on why some gamers are drawn towards morally questionable characters. This was due mainly to me pointing out that the FAQ's for Demon are up at White Wolf. That and a bit of bitching about uber-insane or uber-violent characters that seem to be the most visible.
So, at some point I have a whole thesis at the ready about how Vampire:The Masquerade is really a meditation on homosexuality with a few fun things thrown in for good measure. If you really wanna know, the Sabbat would be like Queer Nation or Dykes on Bikes. People outside the mainstream with a different approach towards dealing with the mundanes. The Camarilla is like Stonewall or any of the other more mainstream organizations. The Inconnu would be like our predecessors, those who stayed closetes or maintained near zero visibility.
A frenzy could be re-interpreted as letting "the inner queen" out to run. Acceptable in some situations, but breaking out a full blown review at most 9-5 jobs when "I will survive" comes on the muzak in not socially acceptable. And most of us blow willpower to resist it.
Expand on the metaphor. Ghouls become flame-dames and fag-hags. And the entire legends of being repelled by religious objects a statement on the current state of how religion views homosexuality.
But back on topic, for me, yes, I'm playing a character who's biology is outside the normal order. Yes, most people would think he is evil. (I mean come on, the guy runs a prostitution and drug ring out of his occult bookstore.) However, once a week, I don't have to be James, the stressed out pizza student. Once a week, I am Steven, the moderatly stupid sheriff of a backwater domain. It's one day a week when I don't have to be me. It's kind of nice to worry more about why the prince is trying to cut in on your drug trade than if you have enough hours to survive, let alone what books and tests you should be working on.
Demon does sound like fun to play. Milton understood this. His Lucifer was one of the best known archtypes of the "anti-hero". Superman is a boring read because he's like Pollyanna with x-ray vision. Batman on the other hand, is more human, having a darker aspect to his personality. Marvel usually does a good job at keeping it real. Look at Spiderman or Daredevil.
Argh, my geek is showing. Well, off to do something else for the time being.
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