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Changing the world
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A nite out with the flame dame 
19th-Oct-2002 02:58 am
OK. I was supposed to have other guests this eveing, but they cancelled on me.

Well, let's see...my nose pads on my glasses fell of last night, so that required an afternoon trip to the eye place to get them fixed.

So I come home after a trip to the Ohio Theatre to pick up the dates for a few upcoming shows I want to see. Well, last night around 4AM someone called up here, adn wasn't there when I picked up the phone. So...thinking it might have been my sis-in-law, I call mom to make sure everything is ok. Turns out mom had a gas leak this afternoon.

So, around 5, my company calls and cancells. :( But Angie, my long absent flame dame, showed up, so we went out!!!

First, we had a huge dinner at Don Pablo's. Then we went to The Haunted Hoochie. For those who have been reading this since August, you may remember that Angie likes to go through haunted houses as a permanent attachment to my arm. It wasn't that much different tonight. I did like the Hoochie. Most of the setups involved good music, the lowbudget animetronics (read: papier mache and a lot of wire and string) were amusing, and one of the chainsaws hit my leg. It tickled. I do feel sorry for the poor bastard they had hanging, since I rather imagine the damn harness hurts like hell after a while.

After leaving the Hoochie, we decided to go catch the last showing of The Ring at the Lennox. I probably will have bruises from Angie's grip of death thanks to that movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie kicked ass, since it relied more on plot and suspense than gore and mindless slaughter, but it still had a few scenes designed to make the faint-hearted jump. Go see the movie. Or rent the original Japanese version. Oh, and trailers worth mentioning...Colin Ferrel and Al Pacino have a new one coming out who's name I forget...Darkness Falls looks like a decent haunted Lighthouse flick...The Two Towers looks like it ought to be pretty damn good as well. Even if Gandolf is in it.

Um, yeah. 7 days.
19th-Oct-2002 02:15 pm (UTC)
I just checked out the Haunted Hoochie. Awesome! I was sad to read that it would be the last year, because it's something I would have really liked to checked out. =(
19th-Oct-2002 11:00 pm (UTC) - Re:
Well, next year, it will be more of the same, only with a more kid-friendly name.
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