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Changing the world
one mind at a time
an evening with Good Chris 
11th-Nov-2001 04:32 am
My ex, the Good Chris, and I got together for the first time since New Year's Eve this evening. This was mildly painful, because I really liked him two years ago, and I find that I still care about him, although not with the emotional depth we shared a few years back. We ended up playing a Sabbat chronicle with friends of his, who were really nice to me, and I enjoyed storytelling again, even spur of the moment. Line of the night goes to me, starting the session with "Morning dawns over Dayton..." only to be reminded that these were vampires, now fried crispy. Does it hurt to see him again? A little. Am I happy we can still be friends? Yes. No matter what else happens, I have several movies that will always be "ours.
And while I'm on the topic of ex's, A few nights ago, I dreamed of Mike. That stung a bit, since I haven't seen Mike since '96. But even in dreams, I was happy to see him again.
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