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Changing the world
one mind at a time
My butt hurts 
1st-Nov-2002 04:56 am
I'm going to throw caution to the wind and post a lot of stuff that may or may not piss off people.

Ok, I bought a new monitor ans speakers finally, and I'm playing a lot of EQ.

Second...LARP is going better now that we have a better storyteller. I still need to re-write Steven's backround, without the stupidity that that fell under the original Steven. No werewolf wife this time.

Eddie came up tonight. I ended up helping cast Samhaine with him, stewicked, and our friend Paul. Kind of really informal, which is odd, since I usually go drama queen this time of year. But hey, on the pagan wheel of the year, Nitzechie (who's name I just butchered) is proven right. G-d is dead. Regardless of what else I may currently be doing, did rather enjoy the intamcy a circle has. Kind of like Saturday mornings at Temple. Informal, a lot more gets done. Crap. I am a Jewpagan. *sighs*

Ok, I forget shit. I started my volunteer work today. I walk in the door at 1:00 and get handed a mixing bowl and a bunch of biscuit mix. The volunteer Nazi in charge was really pissed that I had no clue how to make biscuits. Um, give me veggies to chop, or let me make the frankenweenie chili. I did have a few interesting conversations with the other volunteers. Two of them were Mormons, and again, while I disagree with the religion about various tenants, they usually are really nice people. I also talked about horror movies with two of the others.

After that, I went down to City Center to get make up for a costume. I went as the Delivery Driver zombie. A bit of spirit gum and fake blood...instant car crash victim. Add a uniform...

So anyway, after all the Samhaine stuff, Eddie and I go to Outland. *ROFL* I know Eddie has wanted to go for a while, but the place is a dive. There were a few moments of gothic splendour, but for the most part, it was high camp. Well, anyway, they now have a new fun thing there on the weekends. You can sign up for electroshock or corporal punishment. Well, dear reader, as much as I love electric, I wasn't about to turn down the chance to be bound to a wall in leather restraints and flogged.

Complete aside before I continue this. What is the big deal with Bettie Page? I keep seeing her in a variety of places, and I have yet to figure out the connections.

Anyway, let's see...the only reason I used the safe sign was the freaking paddle. My tush is sensitive. I did enjoy the tickling, wax, ice cubes and flogging. The real highlight was the nice gentleman using his fingernails. Hell, he drew blood and I didn't really care. I rather enjoyed it. Hell, I was ready to sign up for a private session just to see how far I can go. And yes, I have marks on my bootie and my back. Battle scars.

Now that I've officially hit WTMI for the good majority of my readers, I have yet to figure out why most people who hold the whip, paddle, whatever, seem to think that I need to atone for something. Hell, I told the guy tonight he could flog me until I die and I wouldn't be atoned. Either that or the think I'm an exhibitionist. Hell, I don't care. I freely admit occasional masochistic tendencies. I really don't feel like I need to expurgate sins through flaggelation, nor do I particularly get excited about exhibitionism (ok that's a lie. There are time it could be rather...fun). I dunno...Maybe I'm just really kinky. Or maybe the only time I feel alive or feel much of anything is during scenes.

Ack. Off to bed.
1st-Nov-2002 07:38 am (UTC)
"I am a Jewpagan."

Normal. You're still early enough in the conversion phase to not have made a total break with previous religious habits. Don't worry, time will fix this more or less.

"Complete aside before I continue this. What is the big deal with Bettie Page?"

Bondage photos. S&M overtones.

"Hell, he drew blood and I didn't really care."

At least you enjoyed it.

Shabbat Shalom!
1st-Nov-2002 04:06 pm (UTC) - Re:
Shalom Shabbos!

Anyway, yeah, I'm taking cues from my sis-in-law on my approaches to other religions. She'll go to other services, but doesn't participate in the sacrements therof. (i.e. if Communion is offered, she doesn't participate.)

I haven't seen those photos of Bettie, but they were showing home videos of a sort on the tv's last night.

Anyway, good shabbat:)
1st-Nov-2002 07:59 am (UTC)
Bettie is iconic. She's the ultimate exemplar of a particular look and style. She's the perfect combination of girl next door and glamourous, uninhibited sex star. She genuinely looked like she was having fun posing for most of the photos she appears in. She looks like a "good girl gone bad" pinup girl come to life. By all accounts, she was very much in control of her own career, and for all of these reasons she's both an object of male lust and a role model (of sorts) to hip, sex-positive grrls of all ages. I think there are lots of reasons Bettie's as omnipresent as she is.

And I certainly am pissed off about what you wrote in this entry. How dare you spend so much of your time playing Everquest!?!?!?
1st-Nov-2002 04:02 pm (UTC) - Re:
LOL...EQ is baaaad...

And that explains more about Bettie...I've seen her in a lot of places recently, ehich is why I asked. They were showing her movies last night.
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