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Changing the world
one mind at a time
6th-Nov-2002 06:56 am

Ok, So no one I voted for won. Yay.

Although one party rule is expected, at least the new majority party doesn't hole a 2/3 majority, meaning that at least someone is going to stand up for those who don't agree with everything. And before someone flames me a liberal faggot, let me first say my real issue is with the concept of one-party rule on either side of the aisle.

Fer instance...
On the right, totalinarianism in the form of facism. Nazi Germany.
On the Left, totalinarianism in the form of Socialism. USSR.

One party rule generally leads to somebody getting stomped on.

And for the record, yes I voted a pretty much straight Democratic ticket. But then, where I grew up, Republicans wore the faces of the fundamentalist Xtian prigs who were too busy condemning other people's sins and unable to face the shit smeared on them. The people who crusaded to make homosexual acts punishable by death, while they were busy buggering mistresses behind their wife's backs. This is probably the main reason I claim Democrat status. In all honesty, I'm really just dissolutioned with the government in general. Either side of the aisle. I really in all honesty think most of 'em only care about getting re-elected and making money rather bothering with us. Kind of Roman Senate style. What's that line from History of the World: Part 1? Oh yeah, "Fuck the poor!" Hell, even the Democrats are bad about it. I keep getting "Send us money!" requests, and I'm like "What money? Arent you the party that's supposed to make it easier for me to hold on to my money, or at least help me help when I'm broke?"
The whole system sucks. I made a similar complaint after Clinton was elected, and I voted for him in '96. "I'll look out for you faggots and dykes," he promised. And we get DOMA, the late lamented ENDA, and the witch hunt inducing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Shit. I really wish McCain would have gotten the nod back in '96. Better him than Bush. I'm sorry, I'd rather have a president who survived a POW camp than what we have currently.
And yes, someone in particular on my friend list (you know who you are) is going to be upset by that asscertation. Actually, make that 2 people. Without going in to any other issues related to Foriegn Policy, I have yet to see why we're going after Saddam when Osama is still out there. It strikes me that if we really want justice for 9-11, we should go after the mastermind rather than his supporters. I see where Saddam is a threat, but I don't see clear and present danger. (What? He might have weapons that he might use? How about the guy who pretty much funded and trained people for 2 terrorist attacks on our native soil?)
And in terms of Domestic policy...Um, I'd really like to be able to afford the insurance I can get that doesn't cover anything. Oh wait, Social Darwinism. I don't matter since I'm technically a genetic dead end.

Like any of this matters. Shit happens every day that I can't change. I've lived through worse. I've lived through better. If I was really fed up as much as I sometimes portray myself, I'd move to Canada. Heh. The irresistible inertia that is Ohio.
6th-Nov-2002 06:17 am (UTC)
Ok, as a theoretically viable bit of continuing genetic stream (I"ve already passed on my genes and ain't gonna do it again, but 'they' don't need to know that, lol) I'd damn well like to afford the insurance too!
I registered Independant years ago.. and I vote by person/issue instead of party, but it stil usually works out to a democrat vote, lol. Altho this year it was one democrat, one independant, so that was cool (she lost, but it was still cool)...
6th-Nov-2002 12:57 pm (UTC) - Re:
Yeah, I usually try and vote for people rather than partoes, but again, that usually ends up being the D's.
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