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Changing the world
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Why I hate my job (take 3) 
23rd-Nov-2002 04:33 am
Maybe I should title this "why I hate LJ".



take on
. This is considered a national holiday in these parts. And I still have to work.

So, instead of typing out the entire story of buying uniform pants for the 3rd time, Let's just say I am declaring a boycott of Old Navy for discriminating aganst fat people. It seems they only sell certain sizes on-line, but the stores don't carry 'em since fat people ruin corporate image.

I'll also skip the Krispy Kreme story again, and instead say that I empathize with those of you on my friends list who got the news today. While I never met the man, losing someone is hard. (ok, that was a cliche. How about I am sorry for your loss?)

Now, on to work. I am currently operating on 3 hours of sleep and 2 doughnuts. I had to work 11 hours tonight. On Hyper Friday.

Well, Chip was working tonight, and he and I got into it big time around 1AM. And the sad part is that Matt, the other inside closer (who I thought wasn't all that fond of me) sided with me. Chip is a speed freak, and he's like an old footbal;l player trying to coach by getting in uniform and playing. Best anaolgy I can find. I'm really annoyed with him. He actually bitched at me for doing the close how I was trained to do it rather than some unspecified method he has never mentioned before. Fuck him. May he be sent to the hell of being flayed alive. Soon.

Oh yeah. And at one point this evening, I lifted a few trays of dough at an odd angle, felt something pop, and my arm went numb. It doesn't really hurt, but it has being going numb at odd intervals since then. How paranoid should I be about that?

So, now I'm home, really tired, and not looking forward to tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome, it's going to be one hellacious night.
23rd-Nov-2002 01:43 pm (UTC)

24th-Nov-2002 02:10 am (UTC) - Re:
Hey We won today ! hooray for our side:)
24th-Nov-2002 04:59 pm (UTC)
Well, being from Michigan, and having an uncle at UoM, I should be offended. That is, if I gave a damn about football.

As for Chip, yup. Asshole indeed.

Hope your arm feels better.
24th-Nov-2002 10:36 pm (UTC) - Re:
Seems to be working better now...And I bear no grudge against UM,. after all, my grandparents both graduated from there:)
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