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Changing the world
one mind at a time
I got new glasses and now I can't see! 
3rd-Apr-2003 04:57 am
Went and got my eyes checked today, which was all kinds of fun. I really hate seeing doctors of any sort, and particularly ones who who shine things in yer eyes to blind you.

But anyway, after a trip to 2 malls, I have a nice new pair of loightweight glasses to go with my bleached blond hair.

adagiogray came by later to drag me to see Boat Trip. We got to the theatre late, and got tickets for a later show. This freed us to go drag videodrome out of his house to Union Station. US had better music tonight than last time (aka not a Cher-a-thon), and David, my new friend from last Thursday, happened to be there as well. So, after 3 Miller Lites for me, 2 Heinie's for the videodrome, and 4 dirty martini's for adagiogray, we drive back to the theatre, where Video got us to go see Old School instead. (Thanks J, I really appreciate it. I hadn't had nearly enough beer to sit thru a Cuba Gooding Jr. flick.) I must say, inebreation helped immensely with my enjoyment of the movie. I mean, yeah, it had it's funny parts, but I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it at all without being in a drunken stupor. I'm just not fond of Will Ferrel. He's like a dumber version of Tom Green.

Still getting adjusted to the new lenses...I have no depth perception at the moment, which leads to me tripping a lot. David thought I looked cute though, which is a bonus.

Anyway, off to bed. Found out I'm part of the guild quotes of the week thanks to several perverse discussion I got into in EQ earlier.
3rd-Apr-2003 08:54 am (UTC)
yeah, old school was like junk food, sometimes it is good to just laugh and not think. it was a fun time, especially the puppet porn!
3rd-Apr-2003 11:33 am (UTC) - Re:
The puppet porn was a trip...I'm almost scared to ask where they found it....
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