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Changing the world
one mind at a time
3rd-May-2003 06:00 am
Spent most of my night at work trying to remember why it was a bad idea to just walk out.

Going to bed now, hope the world looks brighter tomorrow.
4th-May-2003 04:20 am (UTC) - My Advice (Bad or Good, I don't know)
If work is really that bad, and makes you that gloomy, it might actually be better to "walk out." You do it with official notice and delays, just to keep your "reference" supply stocked up and avoid burning any bridges, but you do it all the same. There have got to be other jobs available in the metro area. Hell, if you're not already a fast typist, buy a typing-practice program for your computer, get your typing speed up to 60 wpm or so, and you should never have to wear a uniform or a paper hat ever again, because you'll be able to get temp (or long term) office jobs until school is over and done with. I know I hardly know ya, but I'd suggest finding a job that doesn't make you crazy and selecting your classes around that schedule rather than finding a job with wacky, flexible hours in order to give yourself maximum freedom in scheduling classes. You're going to be spending a lot more time each week on the job than at class, after all.

Hope things are looking up and brighter today! I have cousins that live in your city (one works for the American Cancer Society and the other does tech support for a law firm), so I can ask them to keep their ears open for job opps, too, if you like.
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