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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Death to my sister in law! 
18th-Aug-2003 03:54 am
So, My mom comes up today for the last day of the State Fair. Before we can even pull out on Neil, She starts venting about Lisa. Lisa, it seems, has been bugging mom about how much she has left to pay on her house, and started dropping hints about how she and Richard want to move in when she dies.

First off, it's rude. Second, it's presumptuous.

I guess mom's starting to realize that Lisa really does think I should be written out of the will. I suddenly feel like I'm trapped in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The worst part is mom telling me she's concerned Lisa will encourage Richard to ignore the living will she has written, and use the power of attorney he gets if she is unconcious, etc. to fuck her over royally. I think she was hinting that she'd like me to do it, but I don't live in Urbana, and therefore would be useless, since it takes an hour to get there.

We also had a very long talk about mom's rather New Age beliefs. I don't think mom is quite ready to make the switch to something else, religion wise, but hereing her discuss how she's a spirit guide is really awkward, sice we never really discussed my pagan days.

But the fair was fun. I had a Bahama Mama and a chocolate shake. Mmmm. I need to walk all of it off now, since that was major caloric intake.
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