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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Courtesy of thebahboo 
27th-Aug-2003 05:12 am
who I hope is feeling better now.


The ULTIMATE personality test
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Ok, so my Toreador is now an Anarch. Yay. For the sake of explaining the switch, the anarchs of Sunbury are the only ones who seem to like him. They're the only ones that care. Steven won't tell them that, since they're all die-hard "Fuck the tradtions! Freedom to the Kindred!" types, and joining because they actually talk to you when they don't want something is a horrid reason to renounce all Camarilla status. Oh, and my character got called a "pity whore". Means I'm playing him right.

I am pissed that there were like 80-100 posts to the ooc board bitching about the anarch court/meeting/rant/whatever today. I wish people would get a life. It's just a game. An excuse to spend a few hours not dwelling on your life, but rather who's trying to stab a character you're playing in the back. And it was all sos stupid and mixed up, and no one had command of English in the rants. I can deal with a lot, but being able to understand what people are typing is one of the things that kills me. Particularly when I catch myself doing it.

Lesse....nothing new to report in the love life, big surprise. Work is still work, my family is still drama heavy, and I'm listening to Depeche Mode and Apoptygma Berzerk. I joke about buying a gun. But somedays, I think....

Well, anyway, I need to go to bed here. To quote jomunch, Laila Tov!
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