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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Courtesy of thebahboo 
16th-Nov-2003 04:03 am
Was hoping for Faulkner, but this works just as well...

Dorothy Parker
Dorothy Parker writes you, you wonderfully urbane,
witty boozehound, you.

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by quiziia

Does this mean I'm indicriminate in my affections?

Your soul is bound to the Burning Rose: The

"I go where my heart beckons me, and I go
with my head high. But sometimes, I get a need
until I bleed so my heart swims above my

The Burning Rose is associated with passion,
intensity, and desire. It is governed by the
god Eros and its sign is The Flame, or Physical

As a Burning Rose, you can get lost in the moment
if you let yourself. You are a very physical
person, be it in relationships, work, or play.
You may be driven by your hormones sometimes,
but you know it's because you have to follow
your instinct.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla
16th-Nov-2003 05:22 pm (UTC)
*giggle* Your inverted icon makes you look a bit like albert einstein. hehe
16th-Nov-2003 07:30 pm (UTC)
And just like Albert, I can't do math to save my life:)
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