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Changing the world
one mind at a time
I agree, these people think Britney is a DIVA *choke* 
6th-Dec-2003 06:34 am
WOW! What a suprise! You're an "Emo Kid"
We have no clue if you are gay or not, you damn
emo boys look gay but sometimes you're not!
lonely, you find yourself quoting lyrics and
writting some of your own.

What kind of queer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks (or razzberries) go out to ex_nihilo for that moment of sickness.

Work was ok tonight for once. Well, except for the late night rush when I almost decided to tell some idiot off. I mean, c'mon, the roads are icy, we're busy, and you wanna bitch because of our draconic policy on out of the area code Cell Phone NUMBERS? We used to tell you "Tough shit. Get a real phone". Now we just have to explain that if we can't get it to you, you have no right to a credit or free pizza. And they still complain. I was about to say "Sir, not all of us are rich enough to own the latest in yuppiedom gone mainstream, nor do we particularly care that mommy and daddy won't pay for a real phone. Most of us are just trying to make enough so that Santa doesn't drop only socks and underwear down the chimney." I didn't say it, but I felt like it.

Have I mentioned that I hate Winter? My skin is drying out and making me itch. I don't mind the cold, but I'm about to start using a steel wool loofa sponge.

Anyway, I'm pooped. Bed must occur very soon.
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