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Changing the world
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My computer is a virgin again 
25th-Jan-2004 05:15 am
Woke up today to the fun of gothic_oreo installing my new 80GB hard drive. Mind you, this is a huge upgrade, and I got $20 off the damn thing, so I'm really happy about it.

However, something happened in the xfer of files between my old drive and my new drive. I swear, it must be all the porn I had, because all my files were corrupted!

So, most of the major programmes are re-installed and patched, and I have about an hour left on normal patching of EQ. In the meantime, I lost all of my pictures (I think some of them are still on hotmail), my stories (most still on the web, just a matter of copy/pasting 'em), and all of my music. Which means getting WinMX again.

Dave at work, however, gave me SLSC, which he claims is manna from heaven.
25th-Jan-2004 07:16 pm (UTC) - Wow.
That'sa lotta gigabytes! My laptop only has 20, and it already feels like it's bustin' at the seams. Unfortunately, upgrading a laptop harddrive is apparently a MUCH more annoying, time-consuming and costly process, so I may very well be stuck with it. The current plan is to buy a good 40 meg mp3/portable harddrive-type player some time when they come down a bit in price, that way I won't have to take up any laptop space with muzak. In theory, anyway.
25th-Jan-2004 08:28 pm (UTC) - Re: Wow.
Space is a good thing. my old 13GB was almost filled.
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