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Changing the world
one mind at a time
reasons I dislike my job. 
26th-Jan-2004 05:41 am
We had a store meeting today that was basically aimed at me for parts of it.

Now seeking sunnier pastures while trying to keep myself together where I am.

It pisses me off. Jonda totally ignored my points. It's bullshit. No one, except people with emergencies or who are going of out town should have Friday or Saturday off. Spent the past fucking weekend down an hour on screen for large parts of it. The old excuse was "well, the have football tickets." Football is over. Everyone should be in the store at least until volume on weekends. Ya know, I could claim I need Fridays off for Erev Shabbat and let her deal with it. I did talk to her about taking a few Fridays off so I could go to services. I have yet to see one. I always close. With no help. Which means I'm faced with trying to get my arse out of bead with no sleep for Saturday morning services.

I'm also sick of the "I can't pay you more because I can't pay you more than the people we promoted over you who have no fucking clue how to do their job correctly, and since we can't pay them more, you aren't getting any more either."

It also pisses me off that she says on thing then does another. I usually take Sundays off. I realize next Sunday is the Super bowl, and therefore sacrificed my day off at the feet of the NFL. She told me I'd be until Volume. Then the backstabbing harlot schedualed me late. I asked her about it today. She's all like "Well, you'll be the first of the late people out." We have 2 late people Sunday and one closer. The other late person goes home early on Sundays since she has the next day off to fuck her unemployed boyfriend. I'd be stuck there until close, barring a minor miracle.

Ya know, last I checked, I do have an availability. And I'm really pissed it gets ignored. I came in at 5 one a few days this week to make up for taking a volume shift so someone else could close. I took Monday off, which isn't my "normal" day off. Thus why I took a volume shift. I hate being at work 10 hours straight. Fuck Jonda if she can't understand that.

Fuck Papa John's. Maybe Resa, Alexis, or Karen wants to close 5 days a week for over a year just to get trampled on.
26th-Jan-2004 09:42 am (UTC)
no thanks
26th-Jan-2004 11:15 pm (UTC)
Eek! Sorry to subject you the the rant from hell!
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