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Changing the world
one mind at a time
A visit from my adoptive hometown 
20th-Sep-2001 04:38 am
Three of my best friends from Fairborn came up tonight for a visit. I was so happy to see them. It was great...I took them to the adult toy store, the paraphenalia shop, and the B&D outfitters. I think Miss J fell in love with the motorized dildo. She made the comment that with it, all she'd need Mr. J for was to pay the electric bill. Since the plan for the evening was a drinking binge, I asked directions to a decent club for the 4 of us. We ended up at Wall Street, which it turns out is a lesbian bar. While it was interesting to see how the other half lives, lesbianism is an alien concept to me. Sure I have an academic knowledge of the subject, but anything involving women and sex is way outside of me particular persuasion. I think I scared the hell out of Mr. C there; he couldn't get past the video screens filled with pride videos.
Anyway, we ended up just buying booze and coming back to my place, since none of us were in the mood for clubbing. (And cuiosity asks why they put a Lesbian bar next to the YMCA.) So we came back to my little place for a few rounds of asshole, and a game of Slasher. Words can't describe how happy I was to see them again.
The problem I had with the entire night is that Miss J still expects me to do something for Mr. J's work situation. Hey, I used to be his manager, but what all of us have tried to tell her is that we are bound by the rules set in place by Miss O. Besides, I no longer work with them and the best I can do is tell her to have Mr. J talk with Miss O about the situation.
On the bright side, Mr. C did introduce me to Flickerstick tonight. In fact, I think I have the whole album on the puter now.
I hope they have a safe trip home.
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