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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Philosophy paper and other fun news 
6th-Dec-2001 03:39 am
Well, the missing cat reappeared this evening while I was typing. I find it amusing, since I haven't seen said cat in nearly a week. I really didn't miss him, but I'm happy he's home, so maybe his owner won't keep blaming me for his disappearance.
I've been fighting a really bad headache all day, and reading the out of print book I finally found at the library! My back started hurting, so I'm going to bed here in the near future.
If anyone is interested in reading it, I ended up writing some theory info down for the spirituality/religion/philosophy group my friend Doug moderates. It's below.

I feel kinda stupid posting theory on here, but oh well. Ok, here's the situation. I watched this really interesting movie the other night, and right in the middle of it, I had a spontaneous Past-Life Regression (PLR). I don't have them very often, and usually, they're disturbing. This one fit that category quite well. I won't go into it here, let's just say I am NOT watching any more holocaust movies ever again if they make me have flashbacks like that.
Anyway, as it happened, I was digging through an old note book and found my notes from High School on Transendentalism (we were studying _Grapes of Wrath_ at the time). My notes were a little rusty, but most of them centered on the concept of an oversoul, which by the definition I had listed, comes across as Brahmin or the Collective Unconcious. See, the definition as we discussed in class was something along the lines of that we all belong to one great big giant soul, and we all are splinters of it. (Remember, Steinbeck was trying to express that since we are all ONE soul, we should always help others out because they are us. Thus why the pregnant lady breast-feeds the starving men after she miscarries towards the end of the book.)
It's been 1994 since I last muddled my way through the book, and I've had a bunch of new philosophy to assimilate since the days of Trancendentalism vs. Objectivism. About the only thing that hasn't changed is my unwavering belief that Ayn Rand needed Paxil the way a baby needs milk. (Read _Atlas Shrugged_ sometime if you don't believe me. I've found I agree with her on one or two minor points, but for the most part, I find her to be a selfish, egotistical bitch who needed to learn that the point of her writing did not need to be driven home every other page. She had all the subtltey of a freight train.) Now, I know this isn't book review forum, but I'm trying to give the roots of the theory I'm playing with right now.
The theory is this. I know we all have a tendancy to think of ourselves as individual souls who's whole existance is as a separate entity, even if it may or may not have split off from another entity entirely. What I'm now thinking is even if a soul is an individual entity, it serves kind of like a cell does in in a multi-cellular organism. No man (or soul) is an island, we are all part of something greater than ourselves. Just as cells share secretions, don't souls share experiences? Or are individual souls a patchwork construction of previous souls? Is it possible that some of our own memories of past lives might not be ones experienced by our own individual soul, but something passed on from another soul for some reason? And if that is the case, then why would another soul do that?
See, this is what happens when I have these things...I start pondering things that really have no answer.
The other thing is, has anyone else had a situation happen where you have done something you have felt guilty for that has caused changes for the good down the line?
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