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Changing the world
one mind at a time
You might be a headbanger if... 
14th-Dec-2001 11:49 pm
My Html literecy is non-existant, so the following was borrowed from Sarya (and I had to copy-paste it)...

1) You at one time tried to make the sawblade wrist bands that Blackie Lawless wore. Or you tried to make the Kerry King nail armband.

2) You know that the Dio logo turned upside down spells devil.

3) "NOT" was in your vocabulary.

4) You remember when Metallica was never on the radio or MTV.

5) You were in love with Lita Ford or Doro Pesch.

6) You saw the movie "Trick or Treat."

7) You constantly had to explain to people that Bon Jovi is not metal and that he sucks.

8) When you watch MTV news you recognize Megadeth's "Peace Sells" bass line at the end of the segment.

9) Headbangers Ball ruled in the last half-hour (Sunday at 2:30 AM).

10) You were angry at everything and the whole world was against you.

11) You liked the Beastie Boys because Kerry King played guitar on "License To Ill."

12) The brim of your baseball cap was turned upward with MOSH written on it.

13) That D.R.I. mosh guy and Misfits shirt was a must have.

14) You thought it was necessary to thrash your head at shows.

15) Poser was in your vocabulary.

16) You learned a little history by listening to Iron Maiden.

17) You or someone you knew had "The Number Of The Beast" album cover painted on their denim jacket.

18) You suspected Rob Halford was gay.

19) You had discussions on Metallica v. Megadeth.

20) When you went to see Pearl Jam you said to yourself "That ain't no pit."

21) You wore jams.

22) You played "I'm The Man" to some of your rap friends.

23) You had albums from Combat Records.

24) You thought German metal would be the next big thing. (StormRider's addition: it fucken' was!)

25) Bands like Poison, Winger, Trixter, Kix, and all the bands with the word "White" in their name were killing you.

26) Your sleeveless denim jacket was covered with pins and embroidered patches.

27) You know how to pronounce and spell Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

28) Chicks in high hair and spandex ruled.

29) Guys in high hair and spandex sucked.

30) You really hated Tipper Gore.

31) You secretly liked Queensryche

32) You wrote on your pants.

33) Your pants were in their prime when they ripped.

34) At every show there was one black metalhead (and you thought that was pretty cool).

35) If you think "Nobody's Fault" was an original Testament song.

36) If you think Cliff Burton should be cannonized.

37) You find that "Angel of Death" would make a catchier national anthem than the Star Spangled Banner.

38) You find yourself yelling "SLAYER" at shows they don't even play.

39) If you think Iron Maiden is classic rock.

40) If you "mellow out" to Danzig.

41) If you thought Ministry was dance music.

42) You've never been to a concert sober.

43) If you think Tinitis is cool.

44) If you own a suit just for court dates and funerals.

45) You won't drive in a car if there's no tape deck.

46) You remember when MTV actually played music videos.

47) If you wore fingerless gloves even in 90-degree weather.

48) If you thought Chris Holmes was cool in Decline of the Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years

49) If you can name every guitarist Ozzy had after Randy Rhoads.

50) If you thought KISS actually meant Knights In Satan's Service.

51) If all the clothes in your closet are black Iron Maiden and Judas Priest concert shirts. (Okay, then there's that one Def Leppard one!)

52) You always remember the "J" in Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

53) If you think the higher the hair, the better the woman.

54) You wish Ozzy was your dad.

55) Any hair shorter than shoulder length would be selling out.

56) If you thought hanging earrings were tough.

57) You had a skull ring.

58) You regularly measured your hair to see how long it gets, and you felt intimidated by guys with longer hair than you.

59) You thought that Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was the greatest movie ever because it had a Bay Area thrash soundtrack.

60) You remember the EXACT day ride the lightning was released.

61) If you're a 15 teen year old kid in 2001 that answered yes to 90% of these questions you might.... NO you are a metal head (born late)
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