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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Nutcracker fun! 
17th-Dec-2001 12:56 pm
Saw the nutcracker yesterday, and was really impressed by it. Admittedly, the first act dragged on, but the rats made up for the pacing. The second act though had such fun as the really twinky arabian dancers and these absolutley gorgeous Cossack Dancers. My favorite though was the dancing Chinese dragons that liked playing on stage practical jokes. All of us had a great time, and according to mom Rachel now thinks the sun rises and sets on me. Oh, and the Nutcracker prince was a babe! *fans self* While I'm not a big twink fan, I was very impressed by the grace and poise of all the dancers, and was happy that humor was a large part of the prduction.
Afterwards, we ate at City Center, and then continued to view the lights that celebrate Cristmas in Columbus.
Today, I'm going to sell my trombone. My days of Ska are over, so I think I'll be better off with the extra yuletide cash.
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