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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Now that the new Year is upon me... 
1st-Jan-2002 01:33 am
My resolutions for laughter...
1) I will get my bills paid off so I don't get to spend more time in Adult Day Care
2) I will request next New Year's Eve off a year in advance.
3) I will quit being such a cock tease.
4) I will stop falling in love with str8 men.
5) I will stop getting older men to fall in love with me.
6) I will apologize to all the people who deserve one, and a few who don't.
7) I will visit my friends.
8) I will stop being obsessed with my ex's.
9) I will stop going out of my way to be the Evil Bitch Queen I have become.
10) I will stop trying to convert the Xtians to paganism when they try to convert me.
11) I will stop recruiting new men to my team. *rolls eyes*
12) I will give up all my vices.
13) I will pick up new vices, like heroine.
14) I will not shave the cat to get rid of its dandruff.
15) I will stop quoting evey bad movie I watch at odd intervals.
16) If I try to kill myself again, I will not tell anyone.
17) If I try to kill myself again, I will not use a butter knife.
18) I will stop trying to sell Paxil for profit.
19) I will stop lying to adolecesents that life gets better when you get older.
20) I will not say I love you to anyone, unless it's my mother.
1st-Jan-2002 02:26 am (UTC)
::jaw drops::

that was hilarious actually
1st-Jan-2002 12:29 pm (UTC) - Re:
Yeah, well, I wanted some I think I can keep.
21st-Jan-2002 05:53 am (UTC)
Hey there - found your journal off gaywriters.

*grin*... but #10 is just too much fun ;p. I guess I never directly try to convert, but I like to leave the overconfident xtians a little shaken up about their beliefs :-).

#18 - people actually pay for Paxil? Man... I've had way too many bad experiences with that shit. :/

If I could only join you on #4, I'd be happy :-).
21st-Jan-2002 12:53 pm (UTC) - Re:
*rofl* Yup. people pay for Paxil, usually with other drugs.

And I live with 2 xtians, so I really don't get much choice in the whole shake up their beilefs department.

As for #4, I haven't had much luck with it so far...
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