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Changing the world
one mind at a time
We are never going to speak of this again. 
27th-Jan-2005 09:22 pm
I have taken the liberty of defriending rapehamstor and banning him/her/it from commenting in my journal ever again.

I expressed concern about being added by said user a while back. However, it seemed mostly harmless. Then came a respone to my invitation to rant asking that I rant about rapehammer being anally raped by rapehamstor.

Folks, I'm far from being politically correct in here, however have a few sacred cows I keep locked away. This is one of them. The rants are supposed to be amusing. There is nothing at all remotely funny about rape/molestation outside of "consensual rape scenes" in a BDSM scene.

I could give you the whole spiel about rape being about power more than sex, but it isn't worth bringing up again. I could bring up how my personal belief is that anyone guilty of rape/molestation should have his/her genetalia shot off with a BFG and no anaesthesia. Again, this is beside the point.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while rapehamstor is entitled to free speech, I'm entitled to ban it from excercising it in my journal. As I found myself saying a few years back, if something offends you, either don't read it, or try to understand where it's coming from. I've given up trying to figure out rapehamstor and am now doing the former.

And I guess it succeeded, because I just ranted about rape.
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