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Changing the world
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Saved from Sodomy by Jesus! 
26th-Jan-2002 11:13 am
well, thanks to one of my LJ friends, I now see that hatred and ignorence are alive and well in the US. All my x-tian friends, please forgive my sarcastic title, but it really irks me that people feel free to condemn me for something that I personally argue that GOD in GOD's infinite wisdom created me this way. Take it anyway you want to. Being Pagan, I'd argue the GODDESS route, but it would be a waste of time. And whoever wrote the condemnation of Witchcraft was a fucking moron who wouldn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. What I did enjoy was the thought that most pagan/Wiccans are well educated, humble, discreet people. Infer what you will from that about the Christians spouting that bile. Or how about their assertaion that there are 4 religions? Neo-Judaism, Xtianity, Satanism, and Witchcraft. They lump several thousand years of Eastern thought and belief in with Witchcraft, and then say that Mohammed was 100% full of BS. What the hell? I'm going to hell because I bothered to get an education? I'm going to hell because narrow minded zealots turned me off to what should be a peaceful religion? I'm going to hell because of an aspect of my personality? I'm going to hell because I'm not as narrow minded as they are?
My favorite was the article about how schools today are teaching sodomy as birth control, and how a majority of GLB people have STDS. For a big profile, look up Phelps's godhatesfags.com or go to a campus near you to hear Brother Jed. Last time I saw him, he had a sandwich board covered in damnable offenses. Other than the fact I am not a woman, and I am also not a lesbian, most of them are things that I am or have done. His little 8 year old girl told a friend of mine that since he was a fag, he was close enough to being a woman.
We yell about schools overseas teaching children to hate Americans (and were not talking MExico and Canada here), but yet we feel free to teach our own kids how to hate people for being different. I fail to see the difference between the social injustice of the Taliban and what these Zealots would do given the opportunity.
And the next time a Xtian tells me that he is persecuted for his religion, I will laugh in his face. While he is free to believe as he wishes, I fail to see how keeping schools secular is persecution. Religion should be taught at home, at church (coven, whatever), or by parents. And most teachers have their own beliefs. But belief is best shared by example, not by screaming.
I'm sorry, I seem to have been ranting.
HAve a nice day, and remember to condemn anyone else you talk to who doesn't agree with you.
27th-Jan-2002 04:21 pm (UTC)
yes i am ever amzed at the hate getting spewed from those who profess to love in a christian way ..that womans site is aweful ....the attack on Matthew Shepard and the grafic of him in flames made me so mad i couldnt sleep ..the world doesnt need their hate .

Know this hun im with you all the way in your thoughts on this ..its sad that the web can be used for such evil as well as such good .

much love to you,
27th-Jan-2002 07:52 pm (UTC) - Re:
Well yeah, the grafic is way overboard...not to mention rude. I'm of the opinion that a death should be recognized in a good way, not celebrated as "Just another fag bites the dust." But then, what do I know? I follow a path that teaches love for all not just those who who happen to agree with me.
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