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Geek question... 
6th-May-2005 01:05 pm
Ok, somthing I just caught...

In "The Key to Vector Sigma", Optimus Prime sez Alpha Trion built him.

In "The Return of Optimus Prime", Rodimus Prime says the Quintessons built Optimus Prime.

Is this a continuity error, or have I forgotton something from several years ago?
6th-May-2005 05:30 pm (UTC) - *Long Consideration*
I beleive both are accurate. As I recall, Optimus wasn't always the way he looked there during the series. As memory serves Alpha Trion did build him, and by build him I think the magic word is more 'upgrade'. Key word ther eis made, and if I remember the context it wasn't just made in a physical sense, but also 'made' as in molded and matured through teaching as well. I seem to recall Optimus being more of a foot soldier, and being upgraded to be the warrior he was and earned the position of leader. Much like the way Hot Rod became Rodimus, there was improvement of base form. Though Alpha Trion did it permanently, where as Hot Rod gained it through the Matrix of Leadership.

As you may also recall, transformers could die. You would think that being robotic and mechanical they could repair or replace any faulty parts along the way. But there were limits to what they could and could not repair. At a minimum, they couldn't make a spark, being the essence of life. Even as far as their bodies go, there were limitations. There is quite the probabilty that even with all their technical savvy, there were things they just didn't know how to make or replace. When you look at the created autobots and decepticons, you have the dino-bots (stupid) and insecticons (just as stupid). Clearly the transformer's ability to manufacture brains capable of higher thought was difficult. With the Ariel bots, the decepticon cars, and combaticons, well, they were allgetting their brains from the original manufacturing process. So I think it's fafe to say there were limits on what they could do to repair each other.

Now what was also true later is that the Quitessons made the transformers originally. In that sense, they did make Optimus. Their knowledge of the transformers and their 'anatomy' as it were far exceeded the transformer's own self-knowledge. Optimus, like all the autobots and decepticons was made in the early days by the quints, and later evolved and was upgraded into the bot he was. If you look at the new generation of Transformer episodes, they make it clean that the spark is the soul, and the body is 'armor' as it were. They can repair and in some cases replace the armor. The spark they cannot.

6th-May-2005 05:41 pm (UTC) - Re: *Long Consideration*
And again, everytime an Autobot dies, cheesy music plays;)

But yeah, I vaguely remember the episode where we found out about Optimus's life prior to being Optimus. I also remember calling my friend Shawn and how we discussed that particular episode.

The problem is that after the movie and the season that followed it, I don't remember much, which is why I asked. Of course, this also begs the question of whether or not the quints created Vector Sigma, which got used to give both the Stunticons and Arielbots the spark of life.

Ugh. Thanks to "The return of Optimus Prime", I can also add a new law to the Laws of anime...Anytime someone opens the Matrix, a cheesy 80's ballad palys.
6th-May-2005 05:48 pm (UTC) - Re: *Long Consideration*
I have vhs tapes of nearly all the old episodes prior to the movie if you feel like hell trying to watch them. The music gets grinding after a few hours...
6th-May-2005 11:42 pm (UTC)
Actually, if I recall, the Quintessons had a hand in awakening Optimus in the second episode you mention. I remember that there were like two episodes in the cartoons made after the movie where we see Optimus returned from the dead. In the first, he's primer white through the entire episode and dies again. Meanwhile, in the second, he comes back for good.

A Quint had a role in the second time, too.

Patrick is right, though.
6th-May-2005 11:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, can't remember the name of the former, but the quints try to use Optimus to try to kill 'em all off. Optimus ends up flying into a nova star.

But then...later on...We find out folks trying a new heat shield rescued Optimus, and also found the hate spores. They use the body as a trap, everyone gets infected, Wreck-Gar makes a snappy comment about how he's a doctor, not a forklift...Long story short, Opti gets coated in allow, rips the matrix out of Rodimus, opens the matrix, cheesy music plays, and the spores go away. Rodimus mourns the loss of the matrix, Optimus makes a pithy comment about how everyone is now a bit wiser.

End of series.
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