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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Damn I feeling posty today 
15th-Mar-2002 06:33 am
--- In BardsRUs@y..., "gangrel_pri" <gangrel_pri@y...> wrote:
A little colorful story before I get started trying to write the
damn stage play in my mind...

My freshman year in college at Wright State landed me one of many
in a succession of roommates from hell in the form of Donald Pickett.
Donald was gay, and we never did get along. Kind of ironic, all
things considered, but there it is. Basically, boiled down, we
weren't lovers, and therefore we hated each other. I was comfortable
being gay and he wasn't. But I digress.
During Spring Break of 1995, Donald and I both elected to stay over
break, mainly to avoid our respective mothers. On Wednesday of that
week, I woke up around 4PM, hungry, and dealing with Donald's
whining. Being the nice person that I am, I drove down to the
Riverside McDonald's for some dinner, with a drop by the local video
store to pick up a cheesy porno in a cheap attempt to cheer DOnald
up. I can't remember the title to save my life, but I do remember
that it had something to do with firemen.
Well, When I got back to my dorm, I showed Donald the porno, and he
instructed me to put it in, he'd watch it while I did whatever. I was
debating between sleep and laundry as I recall. I stuck in the porno,
and proceeded to gather up my clothes, suddenly realizing that the
microwave had been running since I returned.
I asked Donald what the hell he was cooking, and he mentioned he
was baking a potato. (I should mention that Donald was constantly
dieting, when the truth is he needed the help of a plastic surgeon.)
Well, I mentioned that it had been baking a long time, so after
bitching about it, he finally opened the microwave to check it. Smoke
comes pouring out of the microwave. I'm like, what the hell did you
do to the poor thing? Then the room smoke detector goes off. Donald
opens the window in a vain attempt to air out the room. When we
realized it wasn't going to work, I walked down the hall to find out
which CA (RA's at WSU were Community Advisors) was on duty. Turned
out to be Bob. I call Bob and explain the situation, while Donald was
still kvetching about the dinner that lay smoking in the microwave.
Bob tells us to open the window, which we had, then try opening the
door. I pop open our door, and about a minute later, our room smoke
detector quits buzzing. I say a silent thank you, then the BUILDING's
smoke detector goes off.
At this point, I start laughing hysterically, and tell Donald that
I'll meet him outside. After a few minutes of watching people
evacuate, I realize that our CA has come out. Robin was a nice girl,
but I didn't know she was home. Well RObin tells me that she and
Barry, her boyfriend, had been asleep, and both of them thought it
was a prank until they saw the smoke pouring out of my room. I guess
they tried to save us, but Donald and I were already outside. Well,
finally, the fire department gets there, happy as hell to have a real
call, rather than a prank. Well, the cheif starts airing out the
building with these big fans, and returns with a piece of potato
charcoal. He made a few remarks about hot potato, and to cap off the
entire experience, compliments us on our taste in porno.
Thus ends the great Baked Potato incident.
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