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Changing the world
one mind at a time
And in the "what drugs were they on when they wrote this?" Department 
10th-Oct-2005 09:31 pm
alan rickman
You are a Scorpio, born in the midst of fall. Your
sign is the sign of transformation. You think
very deeply, and people usualy don't know the
real "you". You are determined,
protective, focused, brilliant, self-sufficent,
magnetic, brave, unbreakable, open-minded,
loyal, strong, and sensitive!! Unlike other
signs you have three, yes three, symbols; 1) an
eagle,which soars high, is proud, and very
protective. 2) a magical phoenix, with the
ability of rebirth(through the greatest
challenges of life). 3) and finally a scorpion,
whose fierce loyalty makes a great firend and
sekks revenge when betrayed!! The scorpion also
symbolizes self-defense and self-protection!

-your lucky colors are crimson(the color of
passion) and black(the color of power)

-your metal is plutonium(<-----ah its

-your precious stone is topaz

-your day of the week is tuesday

-your element is water

-the part of the body that you rule is your
reproductive organs *giggle*

-and your best love matches are a virgo, cancer,
pieces, or a taurus

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Yes, I tested out as my real sign. BUT...Virgo and Taurus are not compatible dating signs.
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