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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Back, and damn am I tired. 
12th-Nov-2005 03:47 pm
Just got home from Chicago.

Started off with an Early Friday, had to run to the Airport at 8AM to get the rental car, since adagiogray's car sure as hell couldn't have made the drive. Chris ended up upgrading us to a Chevy Explorer or some such SUV. Actually got on the road around 9:30, and we stopped in Richmond IN for a luch at Hardee's. ("I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party...blow it out your hair because you work at Hardee's..."). Yeah, Much as I like Indy's prices, it really is a Jesusland state. Nice blue collar eye candy though. But I could have lived with out the "Hell is upon you, repent now and accept Jesus" billboard between Richmond and Indianapolis. Although I did get a kick out of the 16 bit 16 color scantily clad hooker graphics on the video slot and poker machiene at Hardee's.

And may I add that Indiana is still really boring to drive across? There is nothing to looks at unless you're near a city. Even then Lafayette really isn't much, and the only Spanish restaurant in Indiana is up by Valpo. And Gary remains a shithole. Although Chris did pass on the story of thy the Gossamer/Bella Morte colaboration was called Temple of Vordak.

So, once we got past Gary, we crosses the fucking huge stone quarry they built a bridge over. /twitch.

Once we got in the city, I misread the direction and we wound up on 290 instead of 90 to Rockford. We ended up getting off and asking directions. And I sear upon my father's grave, the guy at the gas station who gave us directions sounded exactly like the SNL skit with the Chicago guys discussing "Da Bears". We both had to stifle laughter about it.

So we finally got to the hotel. Not bad for the price. We ordered in homemade pasta and I napped a bit. Food arrived, Jeremy called and said we'd have to work out meeting Saturday. (I'll come back to this in a minute.)

We left the hotel at 6, since we were supposed to get the tickets at 6:30 for a 7:00 show. What we didn't count on was Chicago traffic. If I had known, I would have suggested taking the Blue Lin of the El to get to Belmont and walked the 10 blocks. As it was, we missed all but the finale of Act I. But they reserved us Front row seats, so we had a great view of the "Naked Boys Singing". (For the record, the Act I finale was "Beat the Meat", which was by far one of the funniest things I've heard in ages. Major props to the boys for being able to sing and dance while totally nude.) Second act was really good as well, with songs about the "Perky Porn Star from Skokie, Illinois"; a drag queen number about performing even when she feels like shit that included a Fosse parody; and a few serious numbers dealing with dead lovers and not being able to to overcome shyness long enough to talk to the guy you love from afar.

It reminded me a lot of "NakedMan", only really nude, kind of dirty, and a lot more humor. But it dealt with very similar themes, proving once again, gay men are a diverse bunch with very similar experiances.

So, we headed back to the hotel. Traffic was much better, but we got on the wrong highway, which with copius use of the Chicago and vicinity map, ended up being shorter than the highway anyway. Yay us.

There was a message from Jeremy when I got back saying his plans had changed, and he would be dropping by around 9:30-10. (For the record, he's one of the Paladins in my EQ guild. His twin, Joe, is the current Guild Leader.) I call him, let him know where we are, Chris passes out. Jeremy, his fiancee, and I ended up going out for real Chicago Deep Dish and a few beers. We had a blast. I may soon have a copy of the pic of us standing in the parking lot.

So I go home, read a bit more of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, then pass out. Only to be woken up by Chris 5 hours later, asking if I want to get ready to go. (I'm not a morning person, btw. Particularly not at 6AM CST.) So, we check out, And I talk him into taking us home via the Skyway. (I thought it would give us a good view of downtown. Instead, we got a good view of the southern 'burbs from a very cool bridge.)

And then I passed out until we hit 465 in Indy. We stopped just outside Indianapolis for lunch at Denny's (There may be only a few left in Ohio, but they're thriving in Indy.), and then came back to Ohio.

So glad to get back. Chris loaned me his copies of Peter Murphy's Deep and Cascade, as well as Army of Lover's The Gods of Earth and Heaven. Currently ripping them onto my puter for later listening pleasure.

Da bears.
13th-Nov-2005 03:52 pm (UTC) - *clears throat*
Jack's song ( I beat my meat)

When all those trials and tribulations gather daily at my door.
When all those petty aggravations are attracting even more.
In my hour of desperation something always pulls me through.
Thus I find rejuvenation doing what I always do.
I beat my meat.
I beat my meat.
I get a grip and if it's stiff I'm gonna give myself a treat.
I seek relief.
I pound my beef.
I breathe a sigh and yet if I don't feel contented and complete.
I just repeat.
I beat my meat.
You don't needan education.
You don't need a PHD.
All you need is concentration and the rest comes naturally.
You don't need collaberation.
Calvin Kleins or great physiques.
Now we'll do a demonstration of a few of our techniques.
I beat my meat.
I beat my meat.
I get a grip and if it's stiff I'm gonna give myself a treat.
I beat my meat.
I beat my meat.
I breathe a sigh and yet if i don't feel contented and complete.
Then I repeat, then I repeat, then I repeat.
I beat my meat.
What in the (?) moralizing.
But our favorite form of exercizing.
Is socially correct.
As well as as advertising.
Cause who would serve a steak in need of tenderizing.
So...I beat my meat.
I beat my meat
And since it's stiff I get a grip.
I'm gonna give myself a treat.
I beat my meat.
I beat my meat.
And when I do I'm telling you I'm contented and complete.
I get a thrill. I get the grill. Change my attire. And light the fire.
I salt I oil and then I broil then we say grace and then we eat.
But first I beat, but first I beat, but first I beat, but first I beat but first I beat my meat.
14th-Nov-2005 03:20 am (UTC) - Re: *clears throat*
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