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Changing the world
one mind at a time
12th-Apr-2002 03:09 am
I finally have a DAY OFF!!! YAY ME!!!!!!

In other news, I found a few books at the library that deal with "the hump", and I'm rather hoping to find something interesting within them. See, I figured out that the main reason I'm looking up old WW II stuff is to better understand my parents and the generation they grew up in. If my father was still alive, I could just ask him, but channeling is not one of my strong points, and besides, cahnneling loved ones is a bad idea. Better to channel strangers, that way you can fleece...um...convince clients that they're talking to their dearly beloved. It's bad enough mom still has ration books from the era.
I guess I'm hoping to find some mention of dad someplace. Long shot, I know, but fer crying out loud, he died when I was like 7 or 8 (1st grade, whenever that was). I guess I just want something to remember him with other than my long faded memory.
Anyway, I'm signing off with a fun tidbit. My friend Josh has asked me to be his best man when he gets married in June. I'm really happy about this, since I have never been more than an usher at a wedding (and that was my evil bro's).
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