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Changing the world
one mind at a time
National Walk-out Day 
24th-Apr-2002 03:32 pm
May 1st 2002 Protest
Topic / Issue Peace
City & State All
Location Workplaces, streets, and parks near you!
MAY 1, 2002

If you're fed up with the slew of disasters America's suffered since
George W. Bush and his cohorts stole the Presidency;

If you think it's insane to threaten war against 15 countries, make
plans to nuke seven countries, and surround the Earth with orbiting nuclear
weapons platforms;

If you're outraged that a "shadow government" is now running the country
from secret underground bunkers, like some evil genius in a James Bond movie;

If you're horrified by the McCarthy-like police-state powers the
government has granted itself under the USA PATRIOT Act, and shocked that a
Contragate criminal, John Poindexter, has been put in charge of monitoring our
e-mail and tracking our Website visits;

If you're revolted by Attorney General Ashcroft urging you to spy on
your neighbors, and sick of being told that questioning the "War on Terror"
is unpatriotic;

If you're disgusted that corrupt corporate executives have been plotting
how to gut environmental protections in secret meetings with the vice president:

*******Then send a peaceful, powerful message -- join in the National
Walkout Day, Wednesday, May 1st, 2002.******

Call in sick to work.
Don't spend any money, don't pay any bills that day.
Instead, dance around a maypole, enjoy a picnic or a party, march in the
streets, or find your own sane and peaceful way to refuse to participate
in this out-of-control regime. Show them that you're still free.

Please forward this message to everyone you can. Post it on Websites and
bulletin boards. Spread it around the world.
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